RECRUIT SMART, GROW FASTRecruiting candidates from the talent pool can be a difficult and draining process. One good worker produces more results than multiple half-decent ones, which is why it’s so important to hire and retain quality talent. When you’re growing quickly, this can be hard to do, so here are four tips to keep in mind when you’re building up your company. 1. Use your current employees. Good talent knows good talent. An employee referral program based on incentives for referring candidates who are hired is one great way to encourage and reward employees for referring fresh talent. 2. Hire for smarts and resourcefulness, not prior experience. Don’t put too much emphasis on finding employees who have “relevant experience.” Your top performers will always be smart, resourceful, and innovative–three elements that have nothing to do with prior experience. Focus on hiring workers with no preconceived notions about the category, just good ideas and tons of smarts and innovation. Your team members should be able to use whatever experience they have to rise to a new occasion–not recycle what they’ve done before. 3. Keep your standards high, even when the pressure is on. When staffing a company experiencing fast growth, don’t let the pressure of the moment outweigh the need for long-term stability. Use your growth to attract good talent, but don’t let the need for speed push you into making an inappropriate hire – one bad apple can rot the whole team. 4. Sell them on your company, too. Just because the economy is down doesn’t mean you hold all the cards. There’s a talent shortage right now, and if a candidate is good enough to impress you, they could likely nail down an opportunity elsewhere. Make sure you respect each candidate, and sell them on the benefits, personality, and opportunities your company offers– the worst that can happen is they want to join you even more. Quickly screening candidates through digital interviewing ensures a faster process, and more quality candidates. Creating an intro video to the great culture and benefits your company has to offer will go a long way in attracting the right talent. Reviewing their digital interview afterward will pinpoint top performers early in the game and solve staffing problems that traditional recruiting creates.  Keep these four tips in mind while bringing in new talent – the team members that will be the foundation for success.