RESCHEDGE FOUNDER & CEO JONATHAN KENNELLWith the acquisition of Reschedge, HireVue customers will be able to leverage the Talent Interaction Platform™ to automatically schedule live video and in-person interviews, as well as onboarding meetings and other talent events. Check out this video interview with Mark Newman, CEO of HireVue, Jonathan Kennell, CEO & Founder, and Nick Bosch, Product Marketing Manager of Reschedge. Jonathan Kennell also shares his insight into the acquistion here!  Questions for Mark, Nick or Jonathan? E-mail us here or comment below and we will get right back to you! Thoughts Behind the Reschedge Acquisition Jonathan Kennell, Founder & CEO of Reschedge I’m incredibly proud that Reschedge is joining forces with HireVue.  From the very beginning, our mission at Reschedge has been to improve recruiting through technology.  HireVue is an industry leader in innovative talent acquisition technology, and by teaming up we have taken a huge step toward achieving our shared mission.  When we met the HireVue team in October, we were already thinking about several important challenges we faced in fulfilling our mission: our team was too small to tackle many of the opportunities we had, we were new to the industry and were slow to connect to the right people. As a dedicated interview scheduling tool, Reschedge was only solving a small piece of the entire recruiting problem. As we got to know the HireVue team, we realized that working with them was the perfect way to take Reschedge forward.  By joining forces with HireVue, we have instantly teamed up with over 150 industry experts, including technologists, thought leaders, customer success ninjas, and everything in between.  With this unified team, we have the resources we need to take Reschedge’s technology to the next level, and to share the power of Reschedge with every talent professional in the world. The other huge win today is the unification of HireVue’s cutting edge talent interaction platform and Reschedge’s revolutionary interview scheduling technology.  Reschedge is about coordinating interviews.  HireVue excels at conducting and evaluating interviews.  By bringing these products together, we will be able to build the ultimate interview management platform – something I have been passionate about since I first started interviewing engineering candidates at Google almost ten years ago. Before I sign off, I want to quickly thank the people who helped Reschedge grow to this point.  From our amazing customers to the folks at HireVue, my co-founders at Reschedge and our extended network of friends and family: without your help none of this may have been possible, and I am forever grateful. As you can tell, we are incredibly excited for what lies ahead for Reschedge and HireVue.  This is the beginning of an epic journey, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. – Jonathan Kennel is Founder & CEO of Reschedge, the world’s most advanced interview scheduling software, a virtual recruiting coordinator that helps recruiters line up interviews with multiple interviewers in seconds. Read the full press release about the HireVue acquisition of Reschedge here.