Social Recruiting

According to Marketwatch online magazine, the results of a 2013 survey showed that 93% of recruiters look for job candidates on the professional networking site LinkedIn. If you don't already have a digital resume or profile posted there you should create one. However, do it well to make sure you catch the eye of recruiters looking for talent.

Follow these guidelines when creating or updating your LinkedIn profile to assure that recruiters find you and like what they see when they do. No matter how well you craft your profile, it won't matter if no one sees it.

1. Recruiters begin their search by typing keywords into the computer. Know the difference between keywords and buzzwords and write your profile accordingly.

2. Make sure your profile title specifically states the job you want or it may not appear in the recruiter's search results.

3. If you want to relocate, change your zip code to the one you want to work in. Otherwise recruiters may dismiss you as geographically incompatible without reading your profile.

4. Get and stay active on LinkedIn’s groups and industry blogs. Although recruiters don't always actively participate, recruiters are present and do pay attention. Contributing relevant, accurate and meaningful information to discussions in your area of expertise can help get you noticed. Just be sure to keep your contributions positive so you don't attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Now that you have a recruiter's attention it is important to keep it.

1. Make sure the experience on your LinkedIn resume or profile is current and relevant - a job you had 20 years ago is likely to present as irrelevant clutter on your profile.

2. Focus on your specific career achievements more than the duties of your previous positions and avoid information that can age you, such as high school graduation dates.

3. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, not a social media outlet, and conduct yourself accordingly. Recruiters don't want to see blurry selfies or pictures of your pets.    

After getting your LinkedIn profile up to date with relevant material, you’ll want to spend a little time each week keeping it in shape.

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