OCEAN SPRAY GOES DIGITAL [VIDEO] For centuries, cranberries have graced the plates of millions who gather on Thanksgiving, becoming a long lasting tradition on this famous holiday. In fact, Americans consume 400 million pounds of cranberries a year. Chances are, those cranberries hail from the #1 consumer packaged goods company in the shelf stable juice aisle – Ocean Spray Cranberries. Ocean Spray was formed in 1930 by three cranberry growers who began a long tradition of quality, innovation and success. Today, the Ocean Spray cooperative has grown to more than 600 grower families across North America. Ocean Spray’s talent philosophy is centered on getting the right people into the right positions as quickly as possible. Martin Mitchell, senior manager of talent and diversity at Ocean Spray said, “As a consumer packaged goods company, the number one priority is to get your products out to market faster than your competitors, while remaining laser focused on quality and integrity. So, at Ocean Spray, it is very critical for us to fill jobs in a timely fashion and fill them with the best possible talent.” Yet, recruiting obstacles made this difficult. As with many popular consumer brands, applicant volume was a challenge. Traditionally, Ocean Spray receives 150 applicants per position, which, using traditional screening methods, took weeks for recruiters to phone screen candidates and move them through the process.  This was delaying recruitment times, making it difficult for recruiters and managers to find the best candidates, quickly. Ocean Spray turned to HireVue to help speed its recruitment process, spend time with the right candidates earlier in the process, and staff up its team quickly to help continue to meet its innovation and quality goals.  Since going digital, Ocean Spray:

  • Cut screening time by 50%.
  • Doubled the amount of hires working in the corporate office, without increasing recruiting staff.
  • Tripled the amount of candidates put through the pipeline; connecting them to better talent, more quickly.
  • Reduced days to hire, allowing them to help get products out to market faster.
  • And more. 

Ocean Spray Case Study from HireVue on Vimeo. “Digital interviewing is a true game changer and true competitive advantage for us,” said Mitchell. “It’s allowed us to connect to the right talent quickly, which in turn helps our business continue to innovate and get our great products and ideas out to the marketplace faster – which in the end, is our ultimate goal.”   What are you currently doing at your organization to deal with the large volume of applicants for each position?