Be the Cool Kid of Campus Recruiting **Fall is now upon us and the college semester has begun!  That also means career fairs are looming at campuses around the country.  At HireVue we are dedicated to helping companies attract top talent in this digital age, and we have Senior at The University of Wisconsin, Lauren Ayala coming in as our Campus Recruiting Correspondent to help you get in the minds of the next generation and set your company up for future success.  Follow “The Campus Craze” starting tomorrow and through the next several weeks for an insight into their experience finding a job after college.** —– What’s on the minds of today’s college student? It’s probably not much different than what you thought about while in school. Tests, classes, dating, friends, cash-flow and the future — common topics that stand the test of time. Yet, alot has changed from prior generations to the world of today’s college age talent — and that directly impacts the success of college recruiting efforts. What Do We Know About Today’s Young Adult?
Today’s generation entering the workforce is always on the go. They are used to instant gratification and real-time interactions. They grew up in the age of the Internet and smart phones — chatting by text and video as well as recording their favorite shows. They look at image, functionality and convenience. So, how do you reach them with recruiting efforts? You speak their language and use tools that they’re used to, like video and mobile apps. You educate and inform them every step of the way. And, you reach them fast. Yes, The Basics Matter…
Whether you have a formal campus recruiting program – or you’re hiring college age talent on a smaller scale – you are probably taking basic steps to connect with young adults, like using their language in recruitment advertising and promoting your brand in campus magazines. You may use targeted social media outreach, games and contests if you’re really invested. All of these activities are worth the effort. Yet, they can only get you so far when you’re using the same old traditional ways to screen and interview talent. Digital Interviews Transform College Recruiting!
HireVue’s digital interviewing is a transformative technology, shifting the world of interviewing to a whole new playing field. Going digital helps companies get to the right students on campus, faster. Plus, there’s no need for interview coordination or costly travel, making it appealing for employers as well as students. According to recent reports, 65% of interviews are completed outside of business hours and 25% on the weekends.  Going digital enables busy college students to complete interviews when their schedules allow. They can use home computers, the career center equipped with a kiosk, or even mobile devices! And, companies can use digital interviews to make campus trips more productive – if they want to make the trip at all. They can review videos ahead of time and quickly decide who to advance in the process. There’s no more wasted time or bad interviews with the wrong candidates. Plus, recruiters can interview more candidates with a kiosk used during their trip. When students stop by their booth at an event, recruiters can invite them to complete interviews on the spot. Then, they can share and compare recorded responses to questions before they leave the campus. Hiring managers can make decisions from other locations – before candidates even leave the career fair! Companies also create better talent pools with videos that can be reused yearly while students are still in school. They are great for intern programs, previewing students for full-time roles and later to identify candidates for early stage career development programs! College Students Love Digital Interviews!
College students love the convenience of interviewing when and where they want, even using their mobile devices!  They love using the technologies they’re comfortable with – like mobile and video – to remove the hassles from their job search and make interviews alot more fun. In fact, 50% of candidates indicate completing it at home is the best part of video interviewing! Plus, college students as a group are environmentally conscious, so they love that going digital is going green!  There’s no more need for wasted reams of paper for resume after resume and all that goes along with them. Going Digital Will Help You Stand Out From the Crowd – But You Better Move Fast
While 58.3% of companies are using more technology in recruiting, only 42% are using video in talent acquisition.  Employers that use digital interviews on campus have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with the hottest technology advancement in recruiting today. In addition, using HireVue presents no adoption barriers for college talent. It’s as easy as watching a movie, recording for YouTube or video chatting — and it’s a lot more fun than traditional interviews. So, if you want to reach and hire today’s brightest college students, it’s time to go digital! Sure, you can do without it, but I’m not sure why you’d want to! Learn more about the benefits of digital interviewing at HireVue.   And hurry – you’re missing out on the fun!