These days, as we have mentioned many times on Digital Distortion, it is very important to have a strong presence on social media as you are searching for your next career, and it is equally important for companies and recruiters to utilize social media in finding the perfect candidate. The new “due diligence” includes a social media sweep.  Recruiters especially know how important it is to connect with potential candidates early and often through social media. OpenVue allows recruiters to put a link out to potential candidates that leads to an introduction video branding the company and the position that they are looking to hire for. In a quick 2-minute video, your job requisition stands out in a sea of others on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few social media outlets. Most companies are looking for a CRM to not only organize candidates’ information but tie in their social media information as well. Video tools are essential to bridge the connection candidates can make to your open positions, and can bring greater life than a real or digital list of candidate qualifications from a resume. As more and more companies search for candidates through social, just as many candidates are opening up their search across various digital channels of communication. Stay in the game through digital interviewing, to create a better user experience on both ends, and to attract top talent. Connect with Daniel Banfield on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by sending him an e-mail at