THE FUTURE OF RECRUITING WITH BIG DATA According to the authors of Big Data – A Revolution that Will Transform How we Live, Work, and Think, big data is about accomplishing major feats that could not be accomplished with less data available. Big data is about creating value with data and metrics that will transform markets and open the doors for the public and private sectors as well as citizens. The information gathered is capable of predicting and forecasting trends using resources like Google and CDC. This same collection of data is also used in marketing to anticipate consumer trends. In the book, “Naked Future,” the trend of sharing among private users is explored. Individuals are becoming more open to sharing information about their phones, credit cards, preferences and other information via the internet. Even today, everything from a potential candidate’s jobs, education and social outlets is available to recruiters through sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Staying “off the grid” may become more difficult for these types of individuals. Those people who are not active in social media outlets could find that their own friends and associates are targeted to gain indirect information about them. Data on each individual (along with other information that may eventually be freely available) could be compiled to create an aggregated profile for each candidate from which to choose — even those who aren’t looking for jobs. Desirable candidates could be deliberately recruited even before they start looking for jobs. Resumes in their current state are becoming outdated — the digital interview and recruiting platforms are quickly becoming more popular. Forward thinking companies will find the type of people they want and actively pursue them. Of course the reverse is true as well: recruiters and companies will need to be aware of their own social and online reputations. They’ll want to make sure they are able to recruit the level of candidates they desire.