In 2017, we placed a focus on creating guides and strategies for the modern recruiting team. We leaned on quality research, documented best practice, and the know-how of our customers to create comprehensive approaches for everything from creative sourcing strategies to interview question design. These are our 10 Best Guides and Strategies from 2017: tested approaches we’ve seen work in the field (in no particular order).

1) How Talent Acquisition Can Become a Revenue Driver

Directly driving revenue sends a powerful message to executives and budget planners. Here we look at how talent acquisition can implement revenue-creating initiatives in the hiring process.

2) Having Trouble with Adoption? Try Solution Immersion

It’s discouraging to invest in a new tech solution and see no one use it. Here we look at an innovative way Ernst & Young encourages adoption of its tech initiatives: Solution Immersion.

3) Target Job Seekers More Effectively with Candidate “Personas”

Persona building is one of the most valuable approaches talent acquisition is adopting from their sales and marketing counterparts. In this article, we show you how to do it in your organization.

4) How Innovative Companies Win at Campus Recruiting

Today’s innovative firms are not just meeting students on campus: they’re making offers there. This is how they’re doing it.

5) Innovative Hiring Strategies: How To Use VR, AR, and 360 Video

Incorporating “hot” new tech like virtual reality and 360 video into your hiring strategy might be tempting, particularly if your brand is not well known. This is how to do it properly.

6) How to Improve Your Career Page Conversion Rates

Career page conversion rates are down 22% from 2016. In this post we explore four proven strategies (and one unproven one) to bring them back up.

7) How to Design Questions for Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is a powerful tool for assessing candidates’ potential and fit. To make the most of it, design your questions to facilitate the best hiring decisions.

8)Recruiting Videos with Results: Do You Need High Production Values?

There’s been a trend toward low-budget, “authentic” video lately – and the research bears this out. What does the most candidate-friendly video look like, and is there still a place for high quality video in recruiting?

9) Rolling Out New HR Tech? Try These 4 Proven Approaches

You’ve bought a shiny new HR Tech solution – great! Now how do you get people to use it? This article explains 4 tested approaches we’ve seen work in the field.

10) Tackling Retail Hiring’s 3 Biggest Challenges

Retail hiring poses its own unique challenges, particularly in today’s competitive job market. We show you how to tackle the 3 biggest.