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What happens when a progressive thinker ditches the boring, outdated, and unfairresume-first recruiting process and replaces it with a digital video that allows a company to get to know candidates well beyond a piece of paper? You get recognized by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, for helping to improve today’s unemployment situation.

Meet Jim Oddo, SVP of HR at Frontier Communications—a leader in broadband, voice, video, wireless, data security, and other solutions for residential customers and small businesses. Responsible for attracting, hiring, and retaining top employees, Jim played a major role in expanding the company’s military hiring programs and in the White House initiative to hire the long-term unemployed—to name just a few.

By ditching resumes and moving to a video-first recruiting process, Jim and his team have gotten to know potential candidates in a much more relevant, personal, and meaningful way—well beyond what a piece of paper could do. Just last year, 16% of Frontier’s hires were from the long-term unemployed talent pool (people who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer). Of those hires, the retention rate was 4% better than new hires with previous employment. These incredible results and more were featured in Vice President Joe Biden’s report, Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity.

Jim’s enthusiasm for making an impact both internally and externally was evident when I asked him what makes him passionate about his work at Frontier Communications:

Jim:I feel like I am making a difference in what Frontier stands for, so in turn, employees can feel really good about who they work for.Striving to be the employer of choice in every market where we have a presencehelps my employees talk about who we are and what we do.This generates conversations about our products, our competitors, and why we are better.

More than 40 percent of our hires are generated through employee referrals and I attribute that to employees feeling really good about the name on their shirt or hat.Frontier genuinely cares about the communities we serve and exhibits that through giving campaigns, volunteer events, and just being there for them when times are tough and helping bring joy and entertainment to celebrate accomplishments.

Kate:Any disruptive technology trends impacting HR that you are excited about?

Jim:Mobile solutions for talent acquisition and HR professionals.It seems we have just scratched the surface on mobile technology.Get people off email and away from their desks and back out in front of their clients and co-workers.Bring me technology that breaks the chains of our desks and the email vortex.Empower our employees with solutions that give our HR professionals more time in-person with their employees to experience creative and inspirational change, and not bound in processes.

Kate: What is your favorite app on your phone right now?

Jim: WAZE—I love that after 9 years of commuting 120 miles a day to my office that WAZE can take me down roads I’ve never been down before in my life and get me to work on a faster route.

UPDATE: Want to know more about how Frontier is using technology to tackle long-term unemployment and veteran hiring?You can now watch Jim's story on demand, taken fromat this year's Digital Disruption event.

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