Job seekers and hiring managers share a common problem in the 21st century: outdated resumes lead to inadequate hiring decisions based on boring, stilted information. According to Psychology Today, over the past decade, more and more hiring managers have started seeking out applicants who can showcase a little more creativity with their job applications. In addition, job seekers have started scoping out positions that demand more free-thinking as a prerequisite. In a world of stagnant resume creation, how can you get on the same page with each other? The answer lies in a digital interview platform that engages both interviewer and interviewee. A Bold Approach Creative industry positions can benefit from an application that includes stunning infographics, along with viral marketing to promote the job seeker in his or her field. In a tough job economy, your vibrant and memorable digital application could make the difference between a second interview and a rejection. Defying Resume Standards Creating a new type of “resume” requires more than tech savvy and flash; candidates need to highlight features that are relevant to today’s job market. Technological skill, global marketing knowledge and social media strategy play vital roles in every job today, and job seekers need to hop on board the non-traditional resume train before it speeds out of sight. To do this, candidates need to create and showcase their abilities not only in the given industry but in other related fields. Personal Connections Can an applicant really stand out if HR doesn’t fulfill its end of the bargain? Virtual platforms such as Hirevue serve as the perfect resume. Because technology enables us to develop stronger upfront personal connections, rather than fact sheets listing degrees and accomplishments, hiring managers today need to meet their applicants halfway by incorporating non-traditional forms of classic hiring elements.