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Highly effective sales professionals can be tricky for a company to recruit and retain. However in a recent survey, Glassdoor asked 1,000 successful sales professionals what their job seeking habits were and what their reasons would be for leaving their current position.They found that social media outreach was the most effective way to recruit a sales professional,49% of respondents cited it as the top way to reach them. When asked what they would leave their jobs for, the top 3 reasons included salary and compensation, career growth opportunities and company culture.


For a salesperson, base salary is pretty important but compensation tops their list. Do you know of a great candidate that would be the perfect asset to your sales organization? Find out what their salary and compensation requirements are. The more catered your salary and compensation package is to the candidate, the more likely they are to accept. Make sure to do your homework on this one.

Career Growth

Can't compete with the right salary base? See what their interests are in a career path. A good number of sales professionals do not see themselves in their current position forever. The ability to receive promotions for career growth is a huge selling point, according to survey respondents.

Company Culture

Company culture is the third most popular reason a salesperson would consider leaving their current position. Have you heard of the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life.”? The same can be applied here, “Happy salespeople, happy sales.” When a salesperson loves the culture of a company and the people who make up the company, they are more likely to, not only be better salesmen and women, but to stay within that organization for the long term.

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