THREE STEPS TOWARDS BETTER APPLICANTSEvery company wants to bring on the best talent, and with a digital interview platform like HireVue, it isn’t hard to find that talent. But what can you do to engage potential employees even before they begin interviewing? Here are three things companies should do to increase their quality of candidate— which will turn around and increase quality of hire. Get social. Social media accounts let prospective employees get to know your company, and provide opportunities for people to network with your employees if they so choose. Make sure you provide an opportunity for people to learn more about your company— and be sure you humanize that experience by showing some of the names and faces behind the scenes on the account. It’s also important to make sure you’re keeping your profiles and web presence up-to-date. A neglected profile sends a clear signal to people looking at your company: if you don’t care about it, why should they? Get concerned. Studies show that workers want more than good pay, so provide them with a compelling “why” when it comes to working for your company. Show what makes your employer branding great— perks, networking opportunities, skills development, even volunteer opportunities can be unique selling points for workers, especially millennials just out of school who want to feel that their work is impactful. Another great thing to demonstrate is how you’ll provide an avenue for job and career development, too. By proving that you’ll help people get where they want to go, you’ll draw ambitious, passionate talent. Get kind. Whether someone works out for a position or not, it’s always great to be in contact. Let applicants know you’ve received their resumes, and by the same token, send out a blast to everyone to let them know when the position has been closed. In today’s hyper-connected world, word spreads quickly, and dealing disrespectfully with candidates may come back to haunt you. By providing a positive experience start to finish, even for the people who don’t make the cut, you’ll take one big step towards turning your recruits into recruiters. After all, people who interview with you will spread the word about their experience— it’s up to you to decide whether these people will become allies or enemies. Choose wisely.