TOP TRENDING HR SKILLS FOR 2014 You chose HR because it sounded like a good career choice. You stay in HR because you love it — you get to help change people’s lives. Not everyone can say that about their career. If you just entered HR, you are quickly learning the technology available today in your industry. Some of you have seen HR change dramatically during your careers.  According to an article in Forbes, the skills listed below are trending right now.  When used correctly they can help make you even better at your job, yet they can add a level of complexity because of the amount of information provided. Applicant tracking software. Similar to customer relationship software (CRS) used by sales departments, various versions of this has been around for a while. However, it is now quickly spreading to small and medium sized businesses. More than just a resume repository and data mining software, it can — and should — be used all they way through the hiring process. HR information systems. These systems can help free up staff to do more important items by automating many of the old methods. This can include tracking all employee information as well as helping with tracking applicants and resumes. Data analysis.  Yes, this can provide a great deal of information to any HR personnel. But keep in mind, other departments will rely on your ability to interpret all that data and how it relates to the rest of the company. Digital interview platforms. This is another emerging platform that helps streamline the hiring and onboarding process. HireVue can answer any of your questions on how this platform works and show you how to most effectively use it to your company’s advantage. Anyone in HR will want to approach these emerging technologies with the idea to master them. Doing so helps give you a bigger picture to anticipate HR needs before they become a crisis. It can also help you positively impact even more lives during your career.