Q&A WITH PERCOLATE’S DIRECTORPercolate’s Director of Talent Shares How He Reclaimed 90% of His Time Spent Coordinating Interviews By Kate Lukach, Customer Marketing Director, HireVue We’ve all been there – whether as a recruiter, a manager or a candidate – the dreaded back and forth of trying to coordinate and schedule an interview. Who’s available when, where, who should interview the candidate first, or last, and the list goes on and on. It’s a huge time waster for organizations and millions of candidates. Until now. If we’ve done our job well you’ve heard of HireVue’s recent acquisition of Reschedge, the world’s most advanced interview coordination software. The solution completely removes the hassle of scheduling and coordinating interviews across schedules, time zones, teams, locations, and more. Since its inception, Reschedge has built up an incredible customer base of organizations who have rid themselves of the headaches and wasted time associated with coordinating, scheduling, and rescheduling interviews. One of those companies is Percolate – a tech company that works with some of the world’s top brands to generate relevant content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Percolate Director of Talent Richard Fye shares how Reschedge helped solve one of his biggest recruiting challenges. Q:  What is Percolate all about and what drove the need to investigate interview coordination software?  A.  “Percolate has product and business teams operating worldwide, which is great for changing the way companies build brands in the Digital Age. But it’s a challenge for the Percolate recruiting team. It’s incredibly time consuming to set up meetings between many people, often across multiple locations. We also don’t have a dedicated recruiting coordinator on staff, and the talent management team prefers to focus on finding the right person for the right job. But the need to coordinate schedules across product and business teams in multiple locations was taking time away from sourcing talent and assessing candidates. We didn’t want to bring someone on full time just to coordinate interviews, so I started looking for alternatives.” Q. I understand you researched your options – what was it about Reschedge that stood out to you? A.  “The first time I saw Reschedge, I was blown away. Reschedge delivered the tools we needed and more, and is amazingly intuitive. We can import company contacts from multiple calendar and email platforms and applicant tracking system (ATS) plugins. With one click, I we instantly receive a menu of interview lineup options that factor in schedules and availability by automatically checking calendars. No matter what type of interview the Percolate team needs, Reschedge coordinates it automatically, including one-on- one meetings, panel interviews, phone conferences and schedules, across multiple locations. Once we select the ideal option, Reschedge automatically sends and tracks invitations, syncs with the ATS or calendar, reserves rooms and keeps tabs on responses.” Q. What have the results been like to date? A. “With Reschedge, I get 90% of the time I used to spend on coordinating interviews back. The integration with our ATS makes it so simple to manage the recruiting process. Reschedge is a really thoughtful, stable and scalable product, and the support from the team is exceptional. What’s more, we didn’t need to add any additional headcount to help us manage the coordination of interviews – and our candidate experience has even improved as a result since there isn’t that back and forth and rescheduling taking place.” Interested in learning more? Check out our recent webinar. You’ll hear from more customers on how they are using Reschedge, see a demo, and learn how your company can benefit from removing interview coordination nightmares – and spend more time focused on the strategic work that will drive your business forward. Have any questions? Connect with Kate on LinkedIn or email her at klukach@hirevue.com.