THE NORTH WEST COMPANY HireVue customers are innovators. They are leaders who embrace mobile, social and digital technologies to modernize and re-imagine the way they recruit great talent. Welcome to “Transformations” – HireVue’s monthly blog series featuring our customers’ candid thoughts on going digital, embracing change, reporting successes, overcoming challenges, and having fun with digital interviews. We kick off our series with Robert Mader, Senior Recruitment Manager at The North West Company, North America’s 2nd oldest retailer with annual sales surpassing $1B. In his own words, Mader shares why they turned to digital interviewing to help staff its retail locations with high caliber talent, while ensuring the best personal and cultural fit for its employees. 1. In a sea of technologies that claim to reduce costs and speed recruiting, why did you select digital interviewing as integral to your talent management strategy? Our recruiting efforts were concentrated to regional areas to coincide with planned information sessions. The entire process would take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks. It involved placement of job postings, collection of resumes, candidate pre-screening, and candidate confirmation to attend the planned session. For that entire period of time, job postings would be concentrated in the area where the information session was being held. By adopting digital interviewing, it eliminated our need to travel, widened our applicant pool as job postings are now placed nationally, and it has reduced our applicant processing time. 2. With new technology comes change. What, if any, barriers did you face in socializing or rolling out digital interviewing at The North West Company? How did you address them? We currently use digital interviewing for our Canadian Sales and Operations division that consists of two banners, Northern Canada Retail and Giant Tiger West. Prior to the change, our recruiting process was one that had been in place for many years. Some felt that candidate quality would suffer with the loss of in-person face to face interviews. This concerned has been mitigated by having the hiring managers more involved in the applicant selection process. With the use of on-demand video interviews, the recruiting team is able to share these interviews with the operations team prior to job offers being made. This has raised the comfort level with our new process. The increase flow of continuous candidates was evident from the inception of the technology which illustrated to operations the importance of the change. 3. Your CEO walks into your office and asks for 2-3 sentences about how HireVue contributes to shareholder value and the company’s business goals. What do you say? I point to the reduced expenses in the department due to the elimination of costly travel. The increased department productivity created by not having to travel. The shorter processing times to hire candidates that reduces critical store vacancies and the ability to recruit from anywhere in the country simultaneously. 4. You’ve told us that HireVue has helped “modernize and reinvent recruiting” at The North West Company. In what ways? It is a platform that can be expanded to all divisions within the organization if desired, creating standard, uniform recruitment. It allows us to discover our candidates’ comfort level with technology that is important. We live in an ever changing world and people need to be open to new ideas and processes. HireVue is a non-complex, easy process both from a recruiter’s perspective and for the candidate. It has changed us from a very manual process to a faster, digital one that allows us to better know our candidates. 5. We hear from customers that digital interviews have time-shifted and place-shifted the recruiting process. Do you have any examples of this at The North West Company? Absolutely. We just recently conducted an on-demand interview and subsequent live video interview with a candidate currently residing in South Korea. The process worked flawlessly. Without the use of HireVue, this would have been a candidate we would not have been able to consider using our old methods. You can read more about The North West Company’s digital journey here. Robert Mader will also share his success story with attendees at the Human Capital Institute’s 2013 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in Boston on Wednesday, June 12 at 1:00 pm ET. Robert Mader is the Senior Recruitment Manager at The North West Company, a leading retailer to underserved rural communities and urban neighbourhood markets in Northern Canada, Western Canada, rural Alaska, the South Pacific islands and the Caribbean. You can connect with Robert on LinkedIn here.