Q&A WITH RODNEY MOSES With over 4,000 properties in 90 countries and 300,000 team members across all owned, managed and franchised hotels, Hilton Worldwide is one of the largest, most recognized brands in the world. With that many Team Members, you can imagine they’re hiring all the time – not a small feat for any organization, especially one with less than 40 recruiters worldwide! Hilton Worldwide recently turned to digital recruiting and HireVue, to help not only quickly and more efficiently source, screen, hire, and onboard great talent around the world, but also to improve the candidate experience and give candidates, including veterans,  an opportunity to have their voice be heard through digital interviewing We sat down with Rodney Moses, VP of Global Recruitment at Hilton Worldwide in our latest installment of “Transformations” – HireVue’s column dedicated to sharing best practices from some of the world’s top HR execs who are leading the charge in today’s digital recruiting revolution. Q:  What are the main challenges Hilton Worldwide faces today in regards to talent management and how is digital recruiting helping to address them? A:  “In the hotel business, we innovate through our people, and that differentiates us from our competitors.  In the last few decades, we implemented technology to help us streamline talent management. And while the technology was great at automating much needed manual processes, it also started to slowly remove the human element from talent management. Introducing digital interviewing has helped us put our candidates, their stories, their voices, and experiences, back in the center of our talent management process today. It’s core to our vision and key to our competitive differentiation. At Hilton Worldwide we are in 90 countries, have over 4,000 hotels, and 300,000 team members. With that many Team Members, you can imagine we are hiring all the time. Digital interviewing has enabled our recruiters and hiring managers to save and manage their time more efficiently to hire the best talent in the market. It’s also helping us to offer a premier candidate experience – especially important when your candidates are also current and future customers of ours as well. Digital interviewing gives candidates the flexibility to complete an interview on their time, anywhere, anytime, and gives them a chance to voice their experiences, passions and aspirations – well beyond a resume.” Q:  What are some of the global benefits to Digital Interviewing? A: “Well first of all, it has improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS) exponentially. Net Promoter Score measures if a candidate would recommend the Hilton Worldwide brand based on their digital interviewing experience. We give each candidate a chance to voice their opinion after they interview with us through an online survey. We’ve collected data from over 2,000 candidates. We’ve really knocked this out of the park and reported a 72 NPS score. The hospitality industry standard is a mere NPS score of 24. We believe that our scores are so high due to the digital interviewing process, because it saves time for the candidates, since they can record their interview at a day and time that is most convenient for them. Candidates also like that they get more exposure across our organization since recruiters can share candidate videos across teams and with several hiring managers to ensure the best fit. Candidate feedback tells us they also like the chance to bring their resume and experiences to life through video and give us a better idea of their personality. Secondly, with a global presence, digital interviewing has improved our ability to attract and engage talent at all levels within our organization. We can source an executive team member for China from anywhere in the world. We have done live interviews, on-demand, panel interviews, and even onboarding videos to streamline our process.  Travel was always an issue in recruiting before we went digital. Now the management team at Hilton Worldwide is used to receiving videos on computer and mobile to review candidates, provide feedback and train team members quickly and conveniently. In fact, we saved well over six figures in travel costs alone on just ONE position since we weren’t flying candidates and hiring managers all over the world.” Q: It’s clear the candidate experience is of utmost importance to Hilton Worldwide. How have you been able to brand the candidate experience across your varied properties? A: “Video interviewing has allowed us to authentically brand our properties.  We have intro videos candidates can watch before they complete their digital interview. The videos showcase our properties, the job, Hilton Worldwide employees in that role and their experiences, and more.  The videos give the candidate a better understanding of what it’s like to work at Hilton Worldwide and hear firsthand from their potential future colleagues.  We have changed our career site so it centers around candidates’ interests and expertise. Candidates that are looking for jobs in specific areas and with specific hotels can now search broadly and globally as we expand. Effectively branding Hilton Worldwide and receiving the positive feedback we have from candidates has increased the number of quality candidates applying for our open positions.” Q:  We often hear concerns about how companies handle potential team members who don’t have access to a computer to complete a digital interview. How does Hilton Worldwide handle that? A:  “I recently read a report that said there are more cell phones in the world than there are toothbrushes. 600 million cell phones in China alone. Internet access is more pervasive than ever. Honestly, more and more of our candidates want to apply via mobile so this isn’t a huge issue.  If someone doesn’t have a computer however, they can come into one of our facilities and do a digital interview with our HR group. We are also working to have tablets in all front area lobbies so they can be utilized when a candidate doesn’t have the capability on their own.” Q:  What do you like to do when you’re not championing digital recruiting across Hilton Worldwide? A:  “I love to spend time and travel with my wife and two daughters.” To hear the webinar recording, click here.