TWITTER ME THIS BATMANA few years ago I was privileged to be part of a social media training course from SAP America.  At the time, SAP wanted all of their corporate recruiters to be proficient in social media technology. We were all trained in social media recruiting to reach prospective candidates.  All of this was prior to what was to become the social recruitment revolution that followed. It was the exciting times with new adventures and new tools and methods for attracting potential candidates globally.  When the trainer covered the topic of “tweets” and “Twitter”, and why we should be involved- I kept thinking, “How many candidates are actually using Twitter to find jobs?”. It was a valid question and one that has always remand on my mind. I did some research at that time, and found out that only 20% of all tweets were being read.  Only 20%!  What happened to the other 80%? Fast forward to October of 2013.  I was on a client site doing my usual helpful recruitment consulting and best practices.  I started my training session on social media recruitment using our OpenVue product from HireVue, tweeting information to candidates, when all five recruiters said, “We don’t own a Twitter account or tweet candidates”.  I thought, “What has changed? Was the world still spinning? Did I miss the message that tweeting wasn’t cool anymore?”  Twitter me this Batman? I was stunned, but filed the incident away until I could do more research. What I found out is- Twitter isn’t dead.  It is fine, still going strong and is a popular tool being used to attract candidates at present.  But I wondered, what where the stats now for messages being reviewed.  Here is what I found: Twitter Statistics Data
Total number of active registered Twitter users 645,750,000
Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday 135,000
Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month 190 million
Average number of tweets per day 58 million
Number of Twitter search engine queries every day 2.1 billion
Percent of Twitter users who use their phone to tweet 43 %
Percent of tweets that come from third party applicants 60%
Number of people that are employed by Twitter 2,500
Number of active Twitter users every month 115 million
Percent of Twitters who don’t tweet but watch other people tweet 40%
Number of days it takes for 1 billion tweets 5 days
Number of tweets that happen every second 9,100
Statistic Verification, Source: Twitter, Huffington Post, eMarketer Research Date: 1.1.2014 I found that the percent of Twitterers who don’t tweet but watch other people tweet is 40%!  It has increased since my initial training days at SAP.  But 40% of what equals what? 40% of 58 MM tweets per day would be 23,200,000 MM being viewed per day.  I realized I could live with those numbers.  If I sent roughly 100 tweets per week, at least 40% in my Twitter following are seeing what I am sending, and watching which is much better numbers than the last numbers of a few years ago. So, now I go back to the recruiters that said they weren’t involved, or interested, and not sending out tweet messages.  I guess those recruiters will go with the way of the others.  They are stuck in the same rut, trying to get candidates the same way, without changing the way to send information to prospective candidates and getting the same results. We call this the status quo and these recruiters come in last place in the social media age of recruitment.  Questions for Chad on Recruiting Tips? E-mail him at, Follow him on Twitter @ChadCareers or connect with him on LinkedIn.