Want Great Talent? While “branding” might be an overused term when it comes to marketing to consumers, a company’s brand toward prospective employees too often is ignored. If companies want to attract and retain top talent – especially young talent – they have to focus on building a persona that frames the company as a place exciting innovation and growth in any marketplace. Building a brand for potential employees requires similar tactics to consumer branding. Consider starting conversations that have some tangential relationship to the company’s products but are mainly ways to encourage two-way or group discourse. Focus on creating and publishing content that tells a story. What’s it like working for the company? Video content is especially effective, with the focus perhaps on a “day in the life” at the firm, or even a casual interview with the CEO that focuses on broader goals. Companies that utilize digital interview can create brand videos to preface every digital interview, thereby reinforcing the brand along the potential candidate recruiting process. It’s also crucial for companies to make sure their employment-related sites are optimized for smart phones and tablets. For example, if millennial applicants receive an e-mail about a position, they’ll likely want to be able to click through on their phone and complete the application process, whether through an ATS platform or digital interview. Social and mobile are not tools used solely by Millennials – so make sure your company has the kind of attractive representation on social and mobile that will draw and retain bright talent, young and older alike. When it comes to maintaining competitive edge and ability to embrace change and new technologies, social is just as important as the newest industry software. Regardless of your recruiting strategy – company branding should be paramount in the process, and early on. Keeping the candidate experience in mind while actively recruiting will help you attract and maintain top talent in any industry.