CREATING AN EFFECTIVE ONBOARDING PROCESS The company spent weeks looking for that perfect candidate. When they found him, he was smart, fit well with their culture and his pay range was right within what they were looking for. The offer was extended and he accepted — a start date was agreed upon. When he arrived on his first day — excited about his new opportunity — he was met with a stack of free donuts, a pile of HR forms and hours of lectures on what the company would expect from him. Not the best impression. So what is it that employees need? According to Entrepreneur online magazine, a recent survey showed that less than 1% of employees are interested in free food and perks than in proper training and mentoring. They also showed a desire for becoming better integrated into the team, which involves socialization and adapting to the company culture. This same survey showed that 40% of employees believe their company is wasting time and money on its existing ineffective onboarding process. Creating an effective and efficient onboarding process isn’t difficult, especially if you’re using Hirevue’s Onboarding Service. You can introduce the new hire to the team before she arrives and have your team introduce themselves as well. You can set up video training that is informative and even entertaining. Getting an employee properly on boarded within the first 90 days is vitally important. By the end of this time, if an employee does not feel they’ve been properly and adequately trained, one in six of them will contemplate leaving the company to find a position elsewhere. Establishing an effective onboarding process not only assures consistency when bringing on new team members, it can save you a bundle by increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover.