Welcome to the Digital Age In the beginning job seekers were burdened with having to prove their skills or experience to get a job.  They did it through the show of “battle scars” a warrior may have collected over a long career. Scars like documents of written proof to prove a person’s lineage, or letters of reference from a trade smith to another trade smith seemed to do the trick. Over the years, this experience has been validated simply by written proof that they are who they say they are. Paper made the call on whether a person was experienced enough to get a job, or not. The last 60+ years have moved us into a nuclear age, but we still look at paper documents to review a candidate’s experience and send them onto a phone or face to face interview.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  Men walked on the moon 44 years ago, but we still look at paper experience to determine whether or not we want to add someone to our company team.  What is the answer to this archaic process?  In my years as a recruiter, I reviewed over 30,000 paper resumes and filed everything in a “resume database”, but now, we are in a digital age.  Our minds and thoughts travel much faster than 1000 years ago.  We are able to discern in 30 seconds or less what we want from a particular candidate.  30 seconds… really.  Text is slowly becoming obsolete and video is becoming king. Why? We would rather watch a video of something because the information is transferred faster than reading. And faster is better… right?  If I look at a digital video profile of a candidate speaking about themselves it takes 30 seconds to discern whether this person might be a fit for my company. In 3 minutes I could probably get a much better picture of what a person has as far as experience or skills by the way they hold themselves, express thoughts, or ideas, or just plainly speak, then I can ever ascertain from a paper resume. Welcome to the Age of the Digital Profile where anyone can use a device, record themselves on technology media, and tell a potential employer why they are a perfect fit for a company. In turn, the employer can view a candidate in 3 minutes and make a sound judgment of whether they are worth the extra time for a next step in the hiring process. Now, instead of a resume database to flip through, you can search and watch digital profiles, ready at the stroke of a key. The 3-5 steps cut out in my hiring process I save valuable money and resources my company can dedicate toward other areas of need. With all this innovation, what’s next? With the way digital interviewing has transformed my recruiting process, I can’t wait to find out