WHAT TALENT GAP Many hiring managers and companies have been complaining about a talent gap lately. However, with 25 million people looking for full-time work, there’s arguably more talent available than ever. So what’s the problem? For many companies waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come along, you may need to do as the dating world does and lower your expectations of perfection. If you think the perfect candidate is going to walk in already trained with exactly the skills you need, for below market-rate pay, you may need a reality check. For example, in a CareerBuilder survey, 80 percent of employers complained of  a skills gap… and yet 60 percent of those companies aren’t doing anything about it. Without companies mentoring, training, or developing their workforces, the so-called skills gap will persist. Some companies may have problems with employee retention in spite of great training and development programs. In that case, the problem may be with pay or with culture. Reassess what it is about your company that’s leading to your high turnover rate— and if employee loyalty is an issue, evaluate whether or not those employees have any great cause to be loyal to you to start with. To address the talent gap, make your own bridge. Use digital interview software to scout out talent and learn to recognize diamonds in the rough. Developing the ability to recognize potential and value in candidates and bring them on to team will give you a competitive edge against the other companies in your space.