WHAT’S NEW FOR 2014? DIGITAL JOB DESCRIPTIONS Late last year I wrote an article entitled, “Good Bye Paper Resumes, Hello Digital Profiles”.  The premise was that as Recruiters and HR, we have been using paper resumes for a very long time, but with the advent of digital profiles the age of paper profiles will change all that.  Now, 2014 is upon us, and I actually have a new prediction in the works. Before I go into the why I think this will also change the way we attract good talent.  I grew up with the years of what we called “Dialing for Dollars”. This method required approximately 100 phone calls a day you to land some sort of candidate, or get a response.  I think some old school agencies still use this method for their Jr. Sourcers.  The next step in the evolution of recruiting was e-mail messaging. Spamming became the rage because you could send hundreds of e-mails and get candidate responses.  I know this worked because the best campaign I ever did was when I was working for IBM, and I sent out about 16K e-mails in one day.  It kept me busy for a few weeks with responses, and I closed some positions. But I never had enough time to really send marketing information to those candidates about IBM.  I mean, you mentioned IBM, and everyone knew who I worked for because the name marketed itself. I really didn’t know at that time that candidates would only remember 10% of my e-mail messages.  I didn’t know that stat until late 2013 many years after that epic 16K day when I finally conducted some research into what candidates retain in messaging that we send to them, and for how long, in order to be more effective. It was late 2013 when I found my answer.  With digital profiles now hitting the career market the numbers were starting to be tracked for candidate feedback, and retention of marketing message. The stats I needed for my sandbox project were appearing and here’s what I found out.  All those years we spammed candidates, sent text messages, PDF’s of job descriptions, and posted on careers sites were a bit of a time waster.  I discovered that candidates would only read the first six inches of our messages, and only remember about 10% of the message! This led me to ask a better question – “How can I make an impact for a candidate choosing a new career choice?” The methods to that point in time were weak, at best. During my research I found out that when videos are used to make an introduction to a candidate they will remember close to 60% of the information that is being watched… and they will remember it for 3 days! Say what? 60% retention for 3 days using video instructions?? Sign me up! Then the “ah ha!” moment came.  What if we had digital job descriptions of sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers, or even CEO’s talking about what a position entails, what the company culture is like, and what growth opportunities are available for a prospective candidate.  Doing the same thing over and over again leads to the same result and we all have been using the same medium for too many years. If we created a digital job description with a person of importance speaking, while improving the candidate experience they will retain the information 60% more frequently for up to 3 days.   Sounds like a good reason to give digital job descriptions a try to get a better candidate experience while selling our company culture to perspective candidates. Prediction for 2014 – Digital Job Descriptions are on the rise… Have more questions on digital job descriptions? Email Chad at cveen@hirevue.com and connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @chadcareers.