WHY I’M ENROUTE TO HIREVUE Few times in my career have I had the chance to work with people who were aligned with the same mission and mindset to do something great.  HireVue’s mission to bring HR and interviewing out of the dark ages aligns with my beliefs that most paperwork within HR gets in the way of a person’s ability to perform at their highest.  I have found that most HR technology inside of corporations fails to help people do their job better. Managers and recruiters get sidetracked by laborious paperwork with no meaning and lose sight of the main goal.  To hire and retain the best talent.  HireVue’s products help people attract and retain the best talent.  Hiring managers and recruiters need digital video interviewing, but they also need to embrace and use technology to remain competitive and save time and money.  This is a mindset that we can help people adopt. I met several HireVue people at HR Tech in Chicago this past October.  During my interactions (i.e., product demonstrations, etc), I had a strong sense the people of HireVue were dedicated to do something big and fun to be around.  The ultimate testament that people believe in HireVue is that its very own people use and know its product.  You lead by example. I joined HireVue to make a difference and work towards something that I believe.  To bring recruiting and HR out of the dark ages.  To stop or eliminate unnecessary paperwork involved with HR in organizations.  Big companies are full of smart people who are doers. The doers need the help of HireVue to do their job better.  I see this as an adventure.