WHY YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying many times “Responsibility is the Price of Greatness.“ In today’s fast paced, on-the-go, always connected environment it’s hard not to have a selfish nature. Many of us forget the good fortune we have and don’t take the time to think about those that aren’t so lucky. In doing so, we rid ourselves of great accomplishments and creating a special bond with other team members as we work together for the greater good. Be an inspiration You might be surprised to know that many companies will embrace charitable projects – they simply need to hear your idea. Be an inspiration in your corporation. Think of ways that your company can help give back to your community and beyond. Try to incorporate your company culture and ideals into the project. When appropriate present your plan to management. As your company gives back, they may just see more growth, more community recognition and more dedicated employees. Encourage employee awareness Once a project is accepted and approved, encourage employees to join in on the giving. Here are a few ways to create awareness:

  1. Get the CEO to drive the project and ask for support
  2. Use employees’ talents to encourage participation
  3. Create an internal community to support social responsibility
  4. Create a company landing page
  5. Update your company social media sites and ask employees to repost
  6. Send out a companywide email and keep the communication channels open
  7. Schedule a reminder or event on employees’ calendars

Employees involvement will create a great sense of unity and pride within the company. When your organization makes a commitment to the community a part of its core strategy, it will also ultimately help attract and retain great employees. Employees prefer to be engaged with companies that strive to make a difference in their community, which in turn creates loyalty, happiness and drive towards a more motivated, engaged and productive workforce. Create social responsibility policies Create social responsibility policies and place them at the core of daily operations to guide future progress. Pretty soon these “goodwill” initiatives will be top of mind and embedded into the company culture. Be an example to others and push all employees to be involved. Strengthen relationships with clients As your company continues in its journey of Social Responsibility, others may take notice. Many companies find that as they create more charitable projects, growth and community recognition become more prevalent. Prospective customers tend to align with corporations that make an effort to give back. Existing clients seem to stay more loyal and company employee morale improves. In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself Companies should not have a singular view of profitability. There needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility… The companies that are authentic about it will wind up as the companies that make more money. Howard Schultz Have more questions? Devra has played an instrumental part in HireVue’s own project WorldVue. We’ll talk more about that in her next post. Email Devra at dandersen@hirevue.com<mailto:dandersen@hirevue.com and connect with her on LinkedIn.