Why Your Company Should Brand Through Digital Interviewing When you first hear the term “digital interviewing” the last place you probably go in your mind is company branding. Innovative recruiting and cutting edge HR technology are usually the go-to terms associated with accessing candidates anytime, anywhere with a technology platform that is easy to use, mobile, and always adapting to client/candidate needs. So how does branding fit into this new phenomena? Is the platform comprehensive enough for company branding? Why is that important in the recruiting process and how can impactful branding be accomplished through digital interviewing? First, it’s important to explore why it’s important to brand your company early on in the recruiting process. With so many companies trying to recruit top talent in each department, it’s important to stand out among the competition. Static logos aside job descriptions on job board don’t cut it like they used to. Why it’s Important to Brand: • Employee Value Proposition – Branding early on in the interview process helps you articulate your company story.  What makes your company a great place to work? Serious candidates love early branding because they don’t feel like they are wasting time with a sub-par employer. If your company is relatively unknown in a given industry, illustrating this value proposition early will attract talent you will lose if it’s missing.
• Active vs. Passive – Branding engages both active and passive job candidates in the market. Your company brand will stand out to active seekers already browsing the web looking for their next opportunity and without clear company branding in your recruiting process, you will miss passive candidates that may not notice if they aren’t looking already.
• Company Mission and Culture – Proper company branding clearly outlines how you approach people, work, career mobility, and rewards – the top 4 characteristics that top talent look for in their job search. If a candidate has to ask these questions during a job interview, you have waited too long to explain it and your branding needs some work.
• What You Stand For as a Company – Branding gives candidates a sneak peek of what your company stands for and why employees would enjoy coming to work every day. It’s not all about salary these days – top candidates care about working for a company that does more than day to day work – afterall they spend half of their life dedicated to your cause – if they are unclear what that is, you may lose them before hello.
• Painting a Real Picture – Be realistic in your branding and paint that picture for your candidates. Job seekers appreciate the candor just as much as you do when you are interviewing them for the right position. This will also benefit your company because it will filter out candidates who will not be a good fit for your company from the beginning, saving everyone time. So now you have an idea of why company branding is important during the recruiting process. We will also post our Part 2 of “Branding Through Digital Interviewing” covering the how not just the why it is imperative to recruiting top talent. Tomorrow on DigitalRewind at 11:45am MDT we will discuss this topic live from Salt Lake City HireVue headquarters where I will answer all your digital interviewing questions. Comment on this blog post or e-mail eschurtz@hirevue.com and we will be sure to answer!