Technical Talent War It seems that every organization is looking to hire good developers. The problem is that talent is extremely difficult to find and companies blame the difficulty on a variety of reasons such as bigger companies being able to offer better salaries and benefits. On the surface this seems to be the case with the average engineering salary soaring above $120,000+ in Silicon Valley, along with endless free perks. However, above salary, benefits, or perks, the leading reason for companies losing out on a candidate is because of recruiting inefficacy. Here are a few of the most common mistakes companies make in technical recruiting: 1. Speed/ Wasting Time: For many HR teams, it takes weeks to vet a technical candidate before verifying their skills across teams just to bring them in for an interview. By then, chances are that they’ve already received multiple offers elsewhere. Candidates have indicated that they’ve become extremely frustrated with these types of companies and are immediately turned off by the process. 2. Volume: One of the most difficult tasks in the hiring process for many companies is to evaluate the hundreds or sometimes thousands of applicants they receive. It’s simply too time consuming and impossible for most companies to seriously evaluate every candidate received. 3. Missed opportunities: All too often great technical candidates are ignored simply because they didn’t include the right keywords or education in their resume. As HireVue Founder Mark Newman mentioned in his post yesterday, “We believe that software developers, engineers, and other types of programmers should be able to demonstrate their abilities and the ability to do work regardless of age, experience, degrees, or other typical resume bullet points.” Technical recruiting inefficiency is the problem we’re trying to fix with the integration of CodeEval into HireVue.  With the addition of technical assessment, companies will now be able to speed up the traditionally lengthy hiring process, evaluate thousands of candidates without spending a minute of the developer’s time, and reveal hidden talent from your candidate pool. This is exactly what we’ve already done for companies like BitTorrent and Ebay. One of the most common concerns with utilizing technical assessment tools is that some proficient developers are not willing to waste time on “trivial” programing challenges. Based on what we’ve learned from the past year of building a community of over 12K developers, this is completely inaccurate. Any candidate who is genuinely interested in working at your organization will make sure they take the time to show off their skills in a CodeEval/HireVue challenge. We’re extremely excited to integrate our technology with HireVue and can’t wait for you to try it out in the next few months and give you the right tools to win the technical talent war.