Video Interviewing

At HireVue we like to do big things.  It’s part of our DNA and BHAG setting and innovation are part of our mission.  In 2004 when HireVue began, LinkedIn and Facebook were recently launched.  Digital interviewing seemed a nascent concept and our CEO was shipping webcams to candidates to take their HireVue interviews.

Digital Interviews are the Opposite of Impersonal - They Give Everyone a Fair Chance

Times have changed and candidates love taking digital interviews. We know because we have surveyed over 1 million of them and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Video interviewing is convenient for candidates, they love the chance to tell their story instead of sending a resume into a black hole. We now have over 6,000 interviews completed every day. However, we wanted to aim higher and put as many candidates as possible in front of recruiters and hiring managers. We believe everyone has a unique story to tell that cannot be adequately communicated with bullets on a resume.  


Announcing World Hiring Day

With that as background, we are hosting the first World Hiring Day on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016. Companies such as Hilton, Carnival, Chipotle, Equinix, Sabre and Netflix, and many more are looking for incredible candidates to introduce themselves to their recruiting teams through a video introduction. 

Interested candidates from around the world can interview for a specific job with participating companies, or simply introduce themselves to their dream company. Candidates download the HireVue app on their mobile device, select the company or position, and record their digital introduction. No resumes, no repetitive applications, no 100 question assessments - just a few questions answered on your laptop or mobile device.

World Hiring Day is about giving people a voice and a chance at their dream job while helping HireVue customers build incredible teams. If you’re looking for an ‘in’ with one of these participating companies, beyond sending your resume and hoping for a call back - this is your chance.

See It in Action

Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City runs a similar program year round, and candidates that previously applied up to 41 times by traditional methods were given the shot they needed to bypass traditional screening methods and become successful candidates.

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