Worst-practices-for-candidate As recruiters and hiring managers, we are often very critical of candidates’ communication. When a candidate forgets to follow up, doesn’t send a thank you note, or communicates poorly, it can oftentimes be the killing blow for his or her shot at the job. But do you treat your candidates with the same consideration that you expect from them? Consider these worst practices that would get any candidate’s file tossed in the trash— but that many hiring professionals still seem to embrace. Ignoring initial contact
You reach out to a candidate that looks perfect for your company. You introduce yourself and offer to discuss a position, but don’t hear back for months, when all of a sudden the candidate is interested, and you’ve moved on. Would you give this candidate a second glance? The answer is probably no, and yet, many employers do this all the time, waiting weeks and months to respond to letters of inquiry. While a company that receives thousands of resumes each month may not be able to personally respond to each inquiry, at least set up a system that will respond to every applicant thanking them for their submission— and alerting them when the job has been filled. Not following up after an interview
The candidate interviews and you think things went well. You’d like to progress to the next step in the process. So you call your candidate, or email him or her, but don’t hear back within a reasonable time frame. You’ve put your hiring on pause for this person, but her or she doesn’t seem to care about your company. This candidate goes into the trash, or on a blacklist, right? When one member of the HireVue team was looking for work, she told us that she would frequently never hear back after interviews, even when feedback had been promised by a certain day— and that the consideration of an email, even one saying the company was no longer interested, was an anomaly. Don’t be a company that treats candidates without dignity. Taking the time to send off an email, even one with bad news in it, is far more considerate than leaving a candidate hanging for an indeterminate amount of time. Digital job interview software can help you easily communicate with candidates, ensuring that nobody will fall through the cracks. Remember, your communication during the hiring process is the first thing potential employees see of the company. Make sure you present a good first impression— that way, everyone will be happy.