YOU AREN’T JUST A PRETTY FACEThe current job market is hyper-competitive, and getting noticed can be a daunting task. The first point of contact many job seekers have with employers is the resume and for many the next and sometimes the first step is a digital interview. So how can you stand out on paper and with a digital profile? Your resume isn’t just about design and you aren’t just about looking good on camera – it’s about presentation. Job seekers may be unsure of how to create a stand out profile that grabs attention in a good way, so here are a few key points: 1. Keep it professional
Occasionally, being clever with applications and resumes can be unique and garner positive attention. Too often, though, that cleverness will simply make a candidate appear immature, especially on camera in a recorded or live interview. Employers want to see that you are professional and can handle the job. This professionalism should be reflected both on paper and in video. 3. YouTube Yourself
Sending a resume as a static document may sit in an inbox of a hiring manager for weeks and may never be seen at all. Create a digital profile of yourself and upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. Send it along with your resume if possible to give you the edge up on your competition.  Keep it simple – no crazy antics unless the job calls for it. Stay professional and show that you are digitally “with it”. There are so many additional factors besides bullet points on a piece of paper that will help you stand out with a digital profile. 4. Be social
Building a personal brand on social platforms is incredibly important, and we’ve talked about it before… a lot. More than having a social media presence, it’s important to have a professional website as well. These are great venues to showcase what you can do for a company, as well as demonstrating your personality. But don’t demonstrate too much personality – always keep it professional, and don’t link up accounts that aren’t well polished. Remember, the hiring manager likely doesn’t know you yet, so you want to put your best foot forward while still being yourself. 5. Be branded
Good brands and companies are consistent and recognizable. Keep your resume and your online persona the same. Be consistent in how you communicate and portray yourself. When starting out my career in the staffing industry, I landed my first client, a prestigious accounting firm in the area, and they needed a front desk receptionist for a 6-month assignment. We chose a candidate that presented herself very well professionally which reflected the same culture as the firm. Dressed in a conservative suit with a matching demeanor, the candidate described themselves as a good fit for any corporate environment. Her first day on the job she showed up in a black leather mini skirt with fish net tights and heavy blue eye shadow. Needless to say, the accounting firm didn’t end up being my first client afterall. Brand yourself – there are workplaces that are OK with fishnets and expressing personal fashion taste, it just wasn’t there.  Standing out can be tough in a sea full of qualified candidates – portray yourself accurately and professionally to reflect the job, and brand yourself on social and through video. With digital interviewing just on the rise taking extra care to polish up your digital profiles will go a long way as you search for that ideal career. Want to brush up on your digital interviewing skills? HireVue is conducting a program to help you acheive your goals through mastering the art of digital interviewing. Interested in details? E-mail for more information.