Are you following your childhood dreams? According to a recent LinkedIn survey, only 9% of adults worldwide are currently living and working their dream job. Their survey of 8,000 professionals revealed some interesting statistics, including 30% of workers responding that they were working in a field near or related to their childhood dream job. Men in the US – top 5 dream jobs:
Professional or Olympic Athlete (8.2%),
Pilot (6.8%),
Scientist (6.8%),
Lawyer (5.9%),
Astronaut (5%). Women in the US, top 5 dream jobs:Teacher (11.4%),
Veterinarian (9%),
Writer (8.1%),
Doctor or Nurse (7.15%),
Singer (7.1%). Despite the low percentages of respondents working in the field of their choice, 70% said that taking pleasure in their work is the most important quality of a dream job. Where is the disconnect? Can companies capitalize on the large number of American workers in the field unhappy with their current employment?

Make Your Industry Interesting from an outside view

 Publish infographics on the more obscure information in your industry that might spark interest and passion for those talented professionals out there that always dreamed of being the star NBA player, or famous singer on the stage. At HireVue for example, we turned a very technical process of digital interviewing, into a fun and interesting way to tell your story as a candidate. That passion for people and the resolve that we have to put more of them in work team environments that they love, has resulted in an exciting workplace culture at HireVue. Team members come to work knowing that not only are we on the cutting edge of technology, but we don’t merely look at it as a stuffy, cloud-based system that only tech saavy individuals understand. Our digital interviewing platform is a cool and easy way to get your name out there, and it makes interviewing more enjoyable for recruiters as well. Be passionate about what your company does and make sure that translates into your recruiting process. You will attract top talent that want to be passionate about their work if you do.

Be creative with your process 

utilize the social networks available to spread the word and make it interesting. Put on a virtual event like we did for our Open House on November 28th. Using live broadcasting technology we gave virtual tours of our cool new space and had our team members share with the audience why they love working at HireVue and it showed a great and enjoyable work environment where team members genuinely enjoy coming to work, fostering collegue relationships and making a difference. Make sure you publish your event via social networks to attract viewers. Host an Open House, Job Fair, or even let the public take part in a company celebration for a milestone met or award received. The excitement of a dream job like a scientist or widely-published author will translate into your industry and attract great candidates who want to love what they do. Statistically it is a fact that we can’t all be olympians, astronauts, or pop stars, but we can find something that we love to do and we can do it well. In the wake of this survey lies a great opportunity to remind people to follow their dreams, and, in helping them chase them, fulfill your companies’ as well by building the best teams possible.