Is it true that your personal belief in what you say reflects in your number of sales?  In Scott Dailey's article Believe to Persuade: 3 Behaviors That Turn No into Yes,  Dailey writes that, "We become valuable when we actually believe what we are doing adds value."  Have you seen this statement manifested in your own life? Are there actually sales behaviors that can increase the likelihood of closed won deals? There are three things that people feel when they believe in what they are saying to people. They are:

  1. They Calm Down
  2. They Quiet Down
  3. They Identify

Believing in something causes you to naturally relax, and if you think about one thing you believe in you'll find this to be true.  But in life and careers and in sales especially, stress is high and all about giving a pitch and closing deals and making sales.  Dailey explains a reason why this is when he writes,

When you are preoccupied with getting your points across, you actually lose sight of how few opportunities you have allowed others to express theirs.

But when you believe in something, you calm down and then quiet down, so as to listen more to the buyer.  Third is that you identify.  Dailey said it best when he writes, "When I believe what I am telling you, I create opportunities to identify with you and that makes you feel important because I am declaring your validity out loud."  Once you believe in what you're saying to potential customers, these three behaviors will be present in your day to day activities and they can turn no into yes!  Check out the rest of this article for further information, and make sure to look at four other great articles below.

1. Should Buyers Take You Seriously?

In this article by Mike Schultz, he shows us what the one thing is that very respected people have. What is it?  And what is the key quality of an insight seller? Gravitas.  Gravitas means "heavy, serious, and having gravity.  In the sales world, gravitas means you're someone to be taken seriously."  Think about a mentor, teacher, or leader you've had that demanded attention, someone you admired and wished to become like.  These people in our lives have gravitas, they have presence. Gravitas is credibility and confidence, and as Schultz puts it,

[Gravitas] extends to your digital reputation. 

People who have gravitas are the kind of sales employees you want to have.  How do you come to hire such insight sellers? 

Schultz's suggestion is to "Ask them serious questions.  People can sometimes fake it for half an hour.  But keep digging, and you also might find the well of gravitas runs deep."  Read the rest of this article to learn more about gravitas and how to find someone with this great quality.  You'll surely get ideas on how to cultivate it in yourself.

2. Face-To-Face Networking Is Still The Key To Connections

In this article by Jeffrey Gitomer, he shares his knowledge on the value and importance of networking in sales, relationships, career, and ultimate success. 

Gitomer asked his friend John what networking has meant to his successful career.  He said, "It has been the foundation of my most valuable clients, friends, suppliers, and relationships!"  Think about what your experience with networking has been.  How do you network, and what results has it brought you?  Gitomer discusses town councils, after work mingling, meeting other small business owners, and business conferences.  My favorite take away from the article is when John says,

The best strategy is to help them achieve the things they're trying to achieve.  Pay it forward and you'll always get paid back.

Networking is definitely important to a career in sales, make sure you check out the rest of the article to learn more. Then, go out and network!

3. 7 Responsibilites Sales Managers Must Own

Tom Searcy teaches how in this "new era of sales" Sales Managers are responsible for these seven things:

  1. Selecting Targets
  2. Defining Priorities
  3. Defining Time Guidelines
  4. Monitoring Compliance
  5. Navigating The Terrain
  6. Securing Resources
  7. Knowing When (and when not) To Expedite

With selecting targets, it's important to talk to people that are the "decision makers who can approve large opportunities that will come to fruition in the near future."  It's also important that sales managers don't waste time and that data found is full of integrity and that it is revelant.  Read the full article to expand upon each of the important responsibilities listed above.

4. How You Can Crush The Biggest Sales-Killing Mental Bias

In this article by Jeff Shores, he teaches about something that kills sales every day.  What is it?


The correct answer is confirmation bias.  Confirmation bias is "when we enter a sales situation with a pre-conceived idea, we look for confirmation to support that idea."  Shores gives examples of how confirmation bias shows up. Here's one:

Pre-conceived belief: "Most people are just evaluating thier options."

Confirmation bias trigger: "We just started looking at this."

Read the rest of the article to look at more examples, then eliminate confimation bias in yourself!

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