I know.

If you’re anything like most sales professionals, you probably read a lot for work.  Most sales reps do. One sheets. Product spec sheets. Call scripts.

Not to mention reading you may do on your own time looking for sales success tips that will help you improve at your job.
Well, today I have a surprise for you. I’m going to help you get educated and motivated without giving you (too much) extra to read.

Sound fair? Good.

I rounded up some highlights of top sales trainers and speakers that deserve your full attention. So if you’re ready for some practical tips on how to be a better salesperson and more persuasive, settle in and check out these six sales coaching videos.

1. Victor Antonio

On Selling and “selling the loss”

Sales trainer Victor Antonio shares his “killer sales app” that will help you be more effective at selling. He also explains why you should make prospects "constructively discontent" and at 1:40 he humorously illustrates the difference between sales and marketing.

2. Jeffrey Gitomer

On why you should stop closing sales and start providing value, or lose to price

New York Times best-selling author, sales training expert, syndicated columnist and sought-after speaker Jeffrey Gitomer shares a "new" closing method. He also talks about how to provide more value and the 10.5 areas where value can be perceived. In his opinion, "Price is just a customer's way of telling you that value is lacking or not evident."

3. Harvey Mackay

On How Sales Reps Can Overcome Obstacles

New York Times best-selling author and syndicated columnist Harvey Mackay shares some wisdom based on a lifetime of business success. He also shares an inspiring anecdote to help you keep the lumps and bumps of life in perspective and a suggestion for tripling your success rate.

4. Grant Cardone

On a Live Sales Call (sales training)

International sales expert and New York Times best-selling author Grant Cardone drops in on his sales team and helps a sales rep with telephone sales training on a real customer call. Spoiler alert: He does a great job of communicating the value of sales training to his prospect.

5. Brian Tracy

On how to become a highly paid salesperson

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development. In this video, he discusses the Pareto principle and the vital keys to success that will accelerate your sales career.

6. Jia Jiang’s TEDx talk

on the hidden opportunity behind every rejection

Failure and rejection are everyday occurrences for salespeople. 100 Days of Rejection creator, author, and speaker Jia Jiang shares the lessons he learned on his journey to conquer his fear of rejection. He also reveals the magic word that can turn “no” to “yes” when you do get rejected.

I hope you found quite a few ideas that you can apply to your sales career.

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