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When you’ve been an insurance salesman for over 30 years, there’s no doubt that having a plethora of sudden-death scenarios in your arsenal is the key to success. For Jeffery Point, a walking encyclopedia of such stories, they are what he depends on to meet or exceed his sales quota every month.

“Although every day is somewhat the same, you never know when you’ll have to pull out the story about the loving husband and father of three who was knocked unconscious when he stepped on a rake in his backyard,” Point said during an interview after leading a motivational team meeting. Then he added, “The way the handle flipped up and hit him in the face, was traumatic and very similar to something you might see on a Tom & Jerry cartoon. In fact, I think it happened to Tom once. Or was it Jerry?”

Many of the anecdotes Point references are real. For example, if a prospect mentions they are a mechanic, he brings up the time his clients in the early 1990s had a car that ran on grease from local fast food restaurants. The car spontaneously combusted with them in it after a visit to a local taco chain. “Have you seen those commercials? You know they are trouble because the cactuses talk to the salsa in the ads. Besides, there was a much greasier fast food choice next door,” Point recalled, wiping a tear from his eye.

And, when there isn’t a story to match the needs of his potential clients, Point says he modifies scenarios from popular movies he sees, "You never know when you’re going to forget your kid at home when you go away for Christmas. The last thing you want is him to wreck the house trying to get rid of robbers. He’s eating junk and watching garbage and you need to have the right insurance coverage just in case."

With dozens and dozens of horrific tales and descriptive narratives from years of experience working with all sorts of daffy individuals, as well as the premium cable package, he simply pulls out the story that most matches something his current prospect would do.

Although Jeffery Point has had great success as a career salesman, his friends find it odd that he has such an obsession with freak accidents. “He could talk about this stuff all day,” says Rocky Randolph, Point’s old college roomie and Tuesday Adult League Basketball team mate. “Sure, I think it’s odd and yes, I’m concerned. But, his knowledge is why he is so good at his job. He always makes sure all of his clients are covered even if it means bringing up fatalities right out of the gate.”

While Point has a unique approach to meet his daily goals and reach his quota every month, his method of listening to his clients and personalizing the dialogue to meet their needs, is something that those in sales do day in and day out. A typical day in the life of a salesperson is all about staying motivated, hustling and relating to the client.

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