Writing about the hype and excitement over social selling programs, Ray Makela in his article How to Get Business Results from your Social Selling Program, provides us with effective ways to achieve success with social selling.  He writes,

It's time for social selling to move beyond the shiny new object phase and be treated as a foundational selling skill.

Makela's tips include gaining management support, aligning with sales processes, training and reinforcing, and measuring/improving.  Makela writes that, "Too often, social selling focuses just on building out the network, and making connections, and fails to explore how we use these connections to advance the sale and close more business."

Makela also makes the point that training should never really stop. Especially social selling feedback should be a recurring topic in coaching conversations.  It's also important to collect data on everything you try, and this will help you know what to improve.  It will also help create enthusiasm and motivation for your team to try harder.

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1. The Myth About Price

In this article by Kelley Robertson, Robertson writes,

...the most important aspect of someone's buying decision is price.

Customers are always concerned with the price and if the value we are offering them is worth the price we are asking.  Customers constantly "compare our prices with the competition, and badger us to give them a better deal."  Robertson writes,

I will never dispute that price is a factor in every sale. However, it is seldom the primary factor...that means you need to learn how to resistt he temptation to offer too much of a discount, too quickly.

Robertson suggests to first do your research and find out as much as you can about the company.  Browse their website, even ask for their annual report.  Determine exactly how your article can help them with their problems.

Next, adapt your presentation to the information you learned.  Also make sure that you "Establish the value of your product/service before you discuss price." And lastly, in your presentation make sure you show them real results from your product.

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2. 13 Social Media Tips from Brilliant Founders and Growth Marketers

Social selling has a lot to do with social media.  Using it effectively can be hard.  In Rikita Puri's article, Puri addresses thirteen tips on how to use social media more effectively.  Channels are crowded, and there are so many different media platforms to choose from.  Sometimes it can be like walking in a fog-not knowing where to go or how to begin.  Here are some of the tips Puri found from asking many different leaders in the business world:

  • Choose channels that resonate with your company's vision and value
  • Show appreciation from your supporters
  • Use humor
  • Collect data

You don't have to be on every social media, as long as the few channels you've chosen find you being active on them.  Consistency is important.  Also, collect data with different messages you post, always learning what works and what doesn't.  What drives the most views?  What drives the most sales?

Puri writes,

The most valuable thing that you can do with social media is to make it your own

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3. Inspire Your Social Selling With These 12 Expert Quotes

In this article by Daniel Ku, Ku writes

There's nothing more motivating than feeling empowered by some real hard-hitting words.  Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up or a motivational quote that will spark a change.

Ku then shares some of his favorite quotes dealing with social selling. One of my favorites is from Jon Ferarra who says, "Social Selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customers and meeting their needs."  How true this is!  With social selling, companies are able to get closer to customers than they normally would.  This is mainly because of digital profiles on social media, based of course, on the company's presence or lack there of.

Another quote Ku mentions, that I enjoyed is from Jamie Shanks who says, "It's time to go where your buyers live: online.  If you pride yourself on being where your buyers are, then why aren't you online yet?"  With technology ever growing and advancing, it's important for companies to keep up-because the customers surely are.

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