The "Art of the Deal", where car sales are concerned, doesn't get enough credit.

I know this from first hand experience. as I grew up around my father's car dealership. My Dad was a very successful automotive sales professional for decades, and my sister has taken a similar carer path. Great car sales people are a great asset to your dealership. Grooming good car sales reps into great ones requires innovative automotive sales training strategies. 

Here are three sales training strategies you can implement in your dealership to

  • Convert ups into sales
  • Increase your CSAT numbers 
  • Turn your mini margins into pounders
  • Improve your reputation in the local business community
  • Retain your sales reps longer, and any of their loyal clientele

1. Start with Training Soft Skills

You would think the day of the car sales reps being abrasive to prospective clients would be far behind us. Yet there are still dinosaur sales reps that don't appreciate the influence women have on the car buying sales process. Get your sales team together and training them on soft skills, including:

  • How to make a good first impression and build credibility
  • Qualifying customer needs
  • Establishing trust, getting the prospect to trust you
  • Effective objective handling
  • Asking effective questions

If you are working with a seasoned sales team, you may find it difficult to engage your most senior reps. Having them mentor the "rookies" can give your veterans a chance to show off some of their skils with role playing exercises. You might even get a chance to watch an old dog get taught some new tricks. 


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