In Molly Reynolds article, "Want to Close the Deal? Make Yourself More Relatable," Reynolds opens with a sales analogy with singing competitions.  Often there are many contestants who have a considerable amount of talent. But only one can win, and what will lead that talented person, of many, to win?  Their likeability factor.

Reynolds then discusses how we can actually use the words "likeable" and "relatable" interchangeably.  She says that, " order to move your audience to action, you must be able to relate to them."

She continues,

...identify and communicate the value of your product...relate that value to the bigger scope of their lives.

Some of Reynolds other tips to help us become more relatable include: communicating with authenticity, keeping calm, and relying on relationships.  She says that when you "...uncover common interests, you will both naturally show enthusiasm and build bonds and trust that are bigger than your professional relationship." It truly is important that you are relatable and therefore likeable, in order to close more deals but also to build lasting relationships in your profession.

1. How To Hire The Best People In The World

In this article by Dale Partridge, Partridge says that,

A great company is just a group of great people.

He also points out that people join teams for strong mission, vision, and team rather than by being motivated.  In fact, he goes so far as to say that people are rarely motivated by money.

Partridge then provides a great infographic about how to know who to hire.  Read the article to see the full infographic, but it describes what a "high-potential hire" is.  Qualities of a high-potential hire include their ability, their ambition to tackle challenging roles, thier exposure, and their level of comittment.

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2. 7 Daily Promises That Create Sales Success

In this article by Geoffrey James, James makes the point that even if you have the best technology, worksheets, sales process, etc, you will still fail if you "don't have the emotional strength it takes to sell."  Both would be nice to have, but which is most important?  James' article suggests the latter.

You muse be patient because customers make decisions on their own time.  Refuse to become easily frusterated.  Be commited and follow through and do whatever you can to help your customer and yourself successful.  Be enthusiastic.  Why?  Because enthusiasm is contagious.  Read the rest of James' article to learn the rest of the seven promises that create sales success.

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3. This One Word Is The Key To Sales Success

In this article by Alice Myerhoff, Myerhoff says that the one word to sales success is...

Consistency. Is that what you would've guessed? Myerhoff says that while it may not be the most exciting word to use, it is one that can and will make a huge difference in your business relationships, especially those relationships with potential customers.

She writes that your social media platform should be consistent, as well as your pricing and that if you said you would call on a certain day, you better!  Follow through with what you said you would do.  One thing I particularly liked about her article is when she gives the suggestion to use "some of the language that the customer may have seen on your website."  They are likely to have researched you or your company, and if you talk about what the customer would've found, it will be what they expect.  Her suggestion sparked one in me: look yourself up often.  Learn what they are learning about you from their research and control it.

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4. Motivation And Skills: Why Sales Training Isn't Working Part 1

In this article by Collen Francis, Francis warns against having a team that is either skilled and unmotivated or unmotivated but skilled.  She asks,

To what degree do your sellers want to contribute toward growth?

Francis suggests to look closely at your team and determine what the answer is for each member.  Then based on the answer, you can personallize the sales training.  Remember that the "power of responsibility...ensures long term success."

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