Most people join social media without much thought, but according to Ken Krogue, there are 6 basic skills of social media that can and need to be applied to all your social media platforms.  They are essential if you wish your personal accounts or your companys' to be social media savvy.

The six skills are:

  1. Complete
  2. Content
  3. Community
  4. Connect
  5. Comment
  6. Call to Action

In the article titled, "The 6 Basic Core Skills of Social Media," author Ken Krogue, Inside Sales Expert, explains that your profile first needs to be complete.  You must know your purpose, platform, and plan.

Next you need to figure out your content.  Create your bio, background, and backstory.  Then comes creating a community, how you'll connect, the best way to comment, and how to create a strong call to action.

"Value is key."  Krogue writes. "What value do you offer? What stories can you tell?  What content can you share to help others?"

"State the benefits for following you...what memories, knowledge, gossip, ideas, prestige, or career advancement do you offer?"  Krogue continues.

In this day and age, every company not only needs to supply a service or product, but they also are expected to have a blog, or a newsletter, or to have a large following.  How can you accomplish this if you simply create profiles but don't keep up with them?  Be consistent and persist in your company's efforts.

Social media can be immensely beneficial in bringing in sales for businesses when used correctly.  Check out the details of the six basic core skills of social media by reading the full post, then check out five more incredible sales articles below.

6 Effective Time Management Techniques for Success in Sales

In this article by Jordan Softli and Sam Hopkins, they show how to save time - that precious commodity that none of us have enough of. Here's a notable quote:

We are constantly asked to do more in less time.

Isn't this so true?  Often we feel overwhelmed and cry that there is no enough time in the day!  But if we each look carefully on our priorities and how we are spending out time we can beeter manage it and in turn accomplish more.  One of my favorite tips from this article is when the authors write,

If it takes less than 2 minutes, just do it!

Through this, we all can get the quick and easier tasks done and out of the way.  If you're looking to manage your time better, read these tips.  Don't let your day get away from you.

So What If You're Wrong - Sales eXecution 284

In this article by Tibor Shanto, he shares his experience from a first hand perspective.

As a sales representative, is it really so bad if you're wrong?  Don't be so hung up about being right but instead be okay with making mistakes.  For when you make a mistake, if the prospect questions you, then you have an opportunity to further explain.  The author writes the process of explaining, the prospect actually shared a lot of useful information which really helped our intrepid rep to better understanding the buyer's biases, preferences, mode of thinking and purchase decisions. 

Read on to learn how making a mistake might actually help you.  Then show that you're really human by making mistakes!

Three Things Your High-Performing Salespeople Do Differently

In this article by tony Yeung, he shares with us some well-known truths, but often truths that are very hard to actually do.

What do individuals that deliver superior results in sales do differently?  Not only do they have regular scheduled meetings with their managers, but they go mroe in depth in their tasks.  Read to learn more and then change what you need to in order to improve your performance.

Telephone Prospecting Tip: Sell the Meeting Not Your Solution

Selling on the telephone is hard. In this article by Mike Weinburg, he shares with us some of his tips.

When will you be most focused and effective? When you're getting the meeting.  No need to sell the solution just yet.  Workk on getting a meeting first.  Weinburg writes,

...prospecting is not dead at all.  In fact, it may be more necessary than ever now that salespeople have awaked to the fact that sitting on their butts waiting for their social media efforts to create a legitimate sales opportunity probably isn't the best method to fill their pipeline or earn a living. 

While social media can create a following and contribute to some sales, prospecting is still important and calling and getting a metting is how most large deals get done.  So, get a meeting and watch the sales roll in.

4 Habits of a New Generation of Top Sales Performers

We get a lesson in sales habits by Craig Rosenburg. He asks, What are the four things that top performers exhibit? 


Among them include being a tech geek, and always have a "How can I help?" mindset.  Rosenburg writes that top sales performers,

...use technology to create a better buying experience for their customers and to streamline their own sales process.

They also create trust with the prospect first, putting the customer's needs before their own.  You'll want to learn these and create these habits for yourself, so click on the article and get going!

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