As we build HV Accelerate, a product that serves the needs of sales reps, sales leaders, and learning and development professionals, it's important to me that our brand voice speaks to the one, not en masse. Let me explain what I mean.

As we build out the website for Accelerate, I've focused much of my effort on design, content, and in providing really valuable offers for our visitors. For example, we have many sales ebooks and also sales related webinars available already, each adding value to the visitor. From a content perspective, I've lined-up various themes that we want to focus on and also have aligned my writers to focus on a specific theme.

But in all that we do, our focus is to speak to one person.


Because when we speak to everybody, we speak to nobody. Plain and simple.

Now, of course, when we speak to one person, it should address the needs of many. That's our hope anyway. In practice and from my past experience, it's an approach that has worked well and really spins marketing on its head. You see, the broad-based marketing that attempts to saturate every channel with an overwhelming voice is dead. Audiences have learned to tune out PR releases and other engineered and contrived approaches to marketing.

So, what's left to do then?

Simple, authentic, genuine voices that speak to the specific needs of the audience.

I had a chance to practice what I preach just yesterday.

Our VP of Sales, Carl, wrote me a quick email asking if I could forward an eBook we produced entitled The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training Companies and Methodologies. I said sure. Then, as I thought about it, what if I could provide a landingpage catered just for Carl's buddy. The result of that was this landingpage I created in under 3 minutes.


Did it work?

Yeah, Carl's buddy, Bill, visited the landingpage, completed the form, and he got his eBook. And, I'm pretty confident the eBook will add massive value to him.


Because our goal in creating that 62 page eBook was that every person that downloaded it could, quite literally, have every question they could ever ask about sales learning and sales methodologies answered.

Delighting the Customer

Look, I could've treated Bill like he was anybody else. Or, I could bring a small smile to his face and maybe - just maybe - we'll have created some goodwill and help him associate goodness and delight with the HireVue brand.

That's our goal. We want to serve you. No, not everybody. You. Yes, you reading this sentence right now.

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