Remember when you were a kid and your mom would hang your latest artwork on the fridge?


It was a good feeling, knowing that your mother deemed something you created as important enough to hang for all to see!

But she didn’t just hang it up to give you a moment of unbridled pride—she knew it would later spark many conversations with friends and family who came over.

Anytime she had a new audience, she’d refer them to the rainbow of squiggles and lines in the shape of a lopsided unicorn that had, somehow, come from your tiny hands. And she was proud to tell them about your accomplishments.

I asked you to recall those moments because it's a lot like what we’re trying to do with this series—chronicling the confessions, stories, and challenges of real women sales leaders.


When we see the word “confessions,” we tend to think “scandal.” But these are confessions of a different sort. These are confessions, stories, truths, and lessons that will slowly build us a picture of the difficulty professional women face on their journey to success.

Their stories are important and these women should be proud, so I’m taking a page from mothers everywhere and putting their stories up for all to see on the biggest refrigerator of them all: The internet.

We’re proud of them. We enjoy their anecdotes. We relate to their challenges. We want to share them with others in a new and meaningful way.

So each week, we’ll feature an outstanding woman in the sales industry. Last week, we featured Lori Richardson’s inspiring story and were amazed at the positive response we received.

We’ve decided to continue sharing stories like these in hopes of creating a supportive online community of like-minded women in sales.

I hope you’ll follow the series with us and be sure to share your favorites with your friends! If you know a woman who should be interviewed for an upcoming spotlight, let us know in the comments!

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