Over the next several weeks, professional football players will be fighting it out for spots on their respective NFL teams in what has truly become a season of its own. NFL Training Camp is a time where dreams are realized, hopes are crushed and jobs are won. There is also a wealth of lessons salespeople can learn from NFL Football players through the month of August.

Keep on training

Training camp is not necessarily a time for training. but rather a time for players to show how well they have prepared themselves for the upcoming season. If a player comes into camp out of shape or overweight, it is usually a sign they have not been training. That also puts them in danger of losing their job. That means NFL players must be constantly training as it is a year-round activity that never ceases.

Salespeople do not have a training camp, but in order to maintain success, training must never cease. Like NFL players, sales reps can utilize sales training exercises all year long. 

No margin for error

The NFL is a very different type of business. It is not one based off guaranteed contracts, which exist in other major sports. If a player does not perform, he can be cut at any given time. That makes training camp a proving ground each and every year. The average NFL career last just three and a half years and many of them end during training camp. That brings forth a constant sense of urgency just to keep your job. 

Feeding off a leader

Training camp is also a time to test out new leaders, This summer, Rex Ryan is beginning his first season as the Buffalo Bills new head coach. A lot of Bills fans are excited by the move, but a franchise that is longing to return to the postseason will likely see a lot of people watch, critique and scrutinize everything Ryan does this summer.

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