Are you building content for your social media platforms with the goal to "get attention"? According to Umair Haque in his article Your Digital Strategy Shouldn't Be About Attention, your goal in posting on social media SHOULDN'T be getting attention.

Sure, tweets and shares and comments are nice, but "Attention is a fickle, fleeting thing on which to build a business model, let alone a business, let alone an institution. Hence, attention without relation is like revenue without profit"

Sales Leaders in every company ask how they can create a following of loyal customers. All the while, Haque writes, "busy glessfully plotting to betray them at every turn." That's the wrong question and it breeds selfish behavior from a company. The right question is, "How loyal are we to our customers? Do we truly care about them?"

What every institution needs - and what every leader needs to develop - before a "digital strategy" is a human strategy. If you want to matter to people, you must do more than merely win their fickle, fleeting, frenzied attention.

Haque then offers four mistakes of digital strategy:

  1. Titillating, not educating
  2. Making zombies, not superheros
  3. Infecting, not connecting
  4. Communicating, not elevating

Titillating, not educating: there are so many sources of cheap entertainment, but you must make something of value. Something that will actually help somebody by educating them.

Making zombies, not superheros: "...when all you do is earn people's attention, without trying to earn their respecct or trust, they can turn on you...Today's viral hit is tomorrow's laughingstock." Avoid marketing zombies. Help your customer's better their lives.

Infecting, not connecting: Everyone wants their posts to go 'viral' but according to Haque, "the goal of a digital business strategy is connection. One is shallow and fleeting; the other is deep and enduring."

Communicating, not elevating: There are already so many voices on the internet, 'communicating'. Well now, communicating isn't good enough anymore. "The challenge isn't merely communicating anymore. It's elevating." There is volume, and then their is value. Create value.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about the four digital strategy mistakes!

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1. 9 Sales Skills You Absolutely Must Have Even If You're Not in Sales

In this article by Jeff Haden, Haden starts his article with this simple line, "No matter what your role, selling is part of your job." Haden then gives us a list of sales skills we need to have:

  1. Researching customers-the more you know about the buyer, the better.
  2. Creating rapport-first impressions are key.
  3. Asking questions-when you ask questions then you can better know what your customers need.
  4. Listening Actively-learn how to truly help them by listening.
  5. Getting commitments-get aggreements to keep moving forward.
  6. Presenting solutions-how will your product help them?
  7. Closing the "sale"-eventually you'll have to ask for a decision!
  8. Building relationships-"Your goal should always be to build a life-long relationship rather than to merely make a short-term sale."
  9. Feeling grateful-approach selling and life with a sense of gratitude and you'll feel less dissapointment when you fail.

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2. Building a Social Empire

In this article by Koka Sexton, Sexton tells his personal story of getting involved in social media. He first created three twitter profiles for his different endeavors. He wasn't very active on them, and after about three years he realized that he could use them in a different way that would work better. Sexton writes, "I was becoming more active overall and realizing where I could add value. I realized that if I got more focused on them as individual profiles and put some actual work into them it might have a bigger impact." So Sexton worked individually on his three sales twitter profiles and he now has built a personal network from his six sales twitter profiles and he calls this his 'social empire'.

What Sexton's story teaches is a real life example of the importance of consistency and value. When it comes to anything but specifically social platform content, consistency is very important. But it goes hand in hand with value. They work together. Be consistent in offering your audience value, and you're on your way to creating your own social empire. Sexton's experiment with the various twitter accounts also shows us that that's a strategy we might want to look into.

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3. 10 Social Selling Activities Statistically Proven to Get Results

In this article by Alex Hisaka, Hisaka talks about how we all know that social selling can be powerful in driving sales success, but it takes time and commitment. She then offers ten tips for social selling. A few that I found the most valuable were:

  • Capitalize on new connection opportunities
  • If you don't have a killer LinkedIn profile yet, drop everything and complete it
  • Automate searches to gain access to the buyer journey sooner
  • Find insightful or practical content and share it
  • Explore an organization's buying committee

- Capitalize on new connection opportunities: "Make sure you're connected with your co-workers so you can all leverage your extended networks for warm connections."

- If you don't have a killer LinkedIn profile yet, drop everything and complete it: Why? because "50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles."

- Automate searches to gain access to the buyer journey sooner: "Be the first to know whwen new hires fitting your target profile occur, when prospects or contacts change jobs, or other trigger events."

- Find insightful or practical content and share it: And remember, it's all about what you can give to the customer that's of value.

- Explore an organization's buying committee: "...explre the structure of a target company and make contact with multiple decision-makers."

Read the rest of the article to learn the rest of the sales tips and the stats and studies behind them.

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