Note 6/3/2015: The contest is over. I announced the winners here. So, if you fill out the form below, you won't be doing it for an Apple Watch.enter the apple watch contest, yeah!

We're giving away TWO Apple Watches, each valued at $549.

To enter the raffle is super easy:
  • In the comment box below, tell us your favorite Sales Motivation Quote and who said it.

That's it.

Then we'll randomly select 2 lucky winners of an Apple Watch. We'll announce the lucky winners on our blog on June 3, 2015.

To enter, you must complete the form below.

Don't know much about the Apple Watch? Check out these videos that will entice you like crazy to share your favorite motivational sales quote with us.0,1,2,3,4,5

1. Turn on The Apple Watch Display by Raising Your Wrist


2. Swipe up from bottom of Apple Watch Screen to see bite size "Glances"



3. Swipe down from the top to see missed notifications on your Apple Watch



4. See all your Apple Watch apps by pressing the digital crown



5. Rotate your Apple Watch digital crown to navigate


Contest Rules

0. For real, are you seriously going to read the fine print?

1. Okay, only 1 entry per person and you need to be 18 yrs old at the time of entry. I don't know why that's a rule really, but it's a rule I've seen in other contests so I'm going to blindly follow their lead. The contest will run from May 18, 2015 to June 2, 2015. We'll announce the winner on this blog on June 3, 2015.

2. By submitting your first name, last name, email, you agree to us using your information in future marketing materials to promote the motivational quote you submitted - with your Linkedin photo. Don't worry, it'll likely be an infographic with your face, your first name, and the quote you submitted. It'll make you look awesome. Promise.

3. Employees of HireVue aren't eligible for this raffle. Sorry people. Also, we prefer you are employed as a sales rep, account manager, or are a sales leader. Fine, there's no way for us to truly verify this requirement, but that's what we are asking. Anyways.

4. If you win, we will contact you using the email you submitted. So, make sure it's for real.

5. We are at the mercy of the ever powerful Apple Supply Chain. That means we will do our best to send you your Apple Watch if you win, but that also depends on the Apple Watch backorders, etc. Don't worry, we'll send you your Apple Watch, we just can't promise on the timeframe of when you'll get it.

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