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With the advent of Treadmill Desks and apps that do all the Excel legwork for you, sales teams in a variety of industries are discovering increased productivity. Now, instead of staggering into the office five minutes before meeting with a prospective sales client, sales people are changing things up and creating an environment that is much more productive and enjoyable. Here are just a few ways to reset the tone to become motivated and more productive.

1. Plan

While everyone else is arriving 15 minutes early to plan out their day and write out their daily list of tasks, begin planning for everything months in advance. Start with lunch. Go through all local restaurant menus and see what days have the best lunch specials. Then, enter all the restaurant numbers into your phone. You may also want to map out all of the locations on your GPS so you know how long it will take to walk/drive there once you have placed your order. Hanging a diagram or chart next to your mini-calendar will also help you get lunch faster and stay more productive.

2. Power Through

Dedicate at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon to get work done. Write a script for all cold calls so you can get through them faster and keep a flow going. Once you have the script practically memorized, you will be able to focus harder on Words with Friends or Candy Crush Saga while making your calls. (Tip: If the game is extra noisy be ready to tell your client they need to speak louder).

3. Stand

Many people find that when they are feeling a little sluggish standing helps them become more productive. Try pacing back and forth while speaking on the phone, or step outside the office and stand in line for sold out concert or sporting event tickets.  You will find that simply chatting with other fans will keep you awake and focused.

4. Stay Professional

This may sound clichéd, but when you are at work, staying professional helps increase productivity.  For example, when chatting on Facebook messenger, be sure to preface the conversation by letting your friend know you won’t always have time to type “BRB” if the boss walks by. By having it simply be understood, both you and your friend can stay professional and keep the conversation going with fewer questions like, “Where did you go?” or “Are you still there?”

5. Keep Meetings Optional

Anyone who has ever had a meeting about a meeting knows that hardly anything gets done in meetings. So your best bet is to let your boss know that in order to be at your best, you may need to skip meetings once in a while. Going out to grab a coffee, meeting a client for a round of golf, or hitting the gym while everyone else is wasting time in a mandatory meeting, will surely help you stay ahead of the game.

Although these tricks are just an inkling of ways to increase workplace productivity, you will find that starting out with these will make a world of difference. One carpet sales person who recently implemented these strategies into his work day said, “My boss is already looking at me perplexed, asking questions like, ‘What the hell has happened to you?’ and ‘You’re productivity has really changed.’ I know it’s because of the extra coffee runs and more efficient Facebook chats with my old college roommate, Roger. Best of all, I no longer waste time in meetings and have gotten to round 407 in Candy Crush.”

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