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Ask anyone who sits with Maddie Huntsburger at the 4th grade snack table at After-School Care and they'll tell you this 10 year old knows all about hard work and dedication. Her parents admit she's not a born sales person, but sales training can help almost anybody. Almost.

Robert Huntsberger, otherwise known as "Maddie's Dad" in the Fishers, Indiana community, will tell you honestly about his daughter's talent. "It certainly doesn't come naturally," he said, then added, "She works hard and is very friendly, but she wasn't always this good. She used to have issues selling lemonade to construction workers on 90 degree days. Even her mother and I couldn’t get behind her sales pitches. But she never gave up and it’s why every room in our house has a box of cookies in it. Personally, I’m fond of eating the peanut butter ones in the shower." This year Maddie sold 11,002 boxes in a week- more than any Girl Scout has ever sold in history, so we sat down with her and talked candidly about what it takes to be the best salesperson.

Here’s what she told us:

Go Ahead and Eat the Cookies

Maddie says that to sell your product or service you have to put your whole heart and soul into it, even if that means eating cookies with every meal. “Sometimes I crumble the caramel delights and pour milk over them and eat it like cereal for Breakfast. And Thin Mints are delicious on tacos!

Don’t Take “No” For an Answer

“Lots of people are on diets these days, so they might not eat cookies. That’s why you have to be innovative and sell things other than dessert,” Maddie says explaining how she never takes “no” for an answer. She went on to tell us that she has sold empty boxes to people watching their carbs. “I convinced them the boxes look cute on the kitchen counter. You know, like decorations.”

Return Customers are Your Biggest Buyer

Maddie let us know that one of her strategies is to go back at the same time every day to get customers to buy again. “Sometimes I knock on their door just to say hi and eat cookies in front of them. They can’t resist.”

Get Referrals from Friends and Family

While this suggestion seems somewhat obvious at first, Maddie suggests making a family tree. “I made a family tree in 3rd grade and I found it after I cleaned my room. I have family I never knew about in other states. They may be about 10 branches away from me, but they are still family. I called my second cousin five times removed and he bought a couple boxes,” Maddie explained.

While some might say cookies sell themselves, Maddie dares to differ. She swears her innovative and commitment to the outcome (An All-Expense Paid Princess Day in New York City) is worth all the sociopathic behavior and diabetes risk.

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