We are very fortunate and honored to be a sponsor of Women Salespros®, which is both a consortium of women sales professionals and experts committed to helping all professional sales people increase revenues in their organizations. They hold an annual conference each year that aims to bring awareness to the sales industry of the contribution of women sales professionals and also support to all the women sales professionals in the sales industry.

We are so honored and proud to support women in sales.

But this isn't new for us. We have long been in support of diversity in the workplace. A while ago, we started a series we call Women Sales Leaders where we interview women in sales with the goal of telling their story. Let's face it. Sales is still a male-dominated industry. Yet, some of the most successful sales professionals include women. What is their story? It's our honor to tell it. So far, we've interviewed the following sales experts:

And we're just getting started. If you are female sales professional, we want to talk with you and would be honored to tell your story and experience as a woman in the sales industry. Leave your name and email in the comments below (we won't share your information).

So, it begs the question: why do we care?

The data demands we pay attention:

  • On average, the percentage of women sales managers is 14%.
  • On average, the percentage women in sales related jobs is 26%.

In order to turn the tide, HireVue is committed to supporting women in Sales.


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