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Just when you thought you knew every influential and emotionally-driven word to help you close more deals and gain the trust of your prospects, a recent study performed by unpaid interns shows that avoiding certain words completely can potentially increase sales.

When asked about the experiment, 23-year-old Cody Donaldson was quick to explain his team's strategy.

"Every morning we'd grab a breakfast waffle taco with an energy drink and shadow various salespeople,” Cody said. Then added, “Honestly, I was hoping to get some free stuff out of the deal. But, the only thing I got was the opportunity to sit around all day listening to salespeople and tallying up the words they used.”

Another intern, Gavin Wright said,

“I found the experiment a little rough. But maybe that’s because my girlfriend and I were having an argument via text most of the day.”

So while you're filling your head with power words, here are a few that you should take out of your vocabulary, according to a team of interns who didn’t get their first internship choice.

Sales Reps Love to say ASAP

Any time you tell someone to get back to you “ASAP,” they will take that as a free pass to wait as long as they can before it becomes rude. They will look at their email and say "When did he say to get back to him? Oh, ASAP. I've got a few more days.”

Salespeople Say "Today" Too Much

Telling someone to “come in today” can be confusing for everyone. Some days it can be hard to  get out of bed until after 3pm. You have to be specific. If the date is June 1, you need to say “Come in on June 1.” Your prospect will say, “That’s today!” Your response should be, “Exactly.” Then set a time. Essentially you are reiterating they need to come in today and because they said it themselves, they are more likely to.

Saying "Tomorrow" is Overused by Sales Reps

Similarly, tomorrow is also confusing. Some people might have had a party the night before and slept through an entire day. Their tomorrow might be different than yours and they shouldn’t be punished for that. Again, be specific with the dates. Everyone’s phone has the date on it.

Saying "Now" Is Not Believable

Just as you wouldn't tell someone "I'll do that now..." when it isn't the first thing on your To Do List, don’t use the word “Now.” Life is full of “nows.” Encourage people to set an alarm if you need them to call you back.

When Everything is "Amazing", Nothing Is

Nothing is as amazing as sleeping for an entire day. No matter what you are selling, it will never be as good as that. So, don’t use this adjective as a way to describe everything that is slightly better than good.

Stay tuned for the interns’ next survey results...”What to Wear For Ultimate Success.”

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