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Anyone who has a cat in their home, knows someone with a cat, has seen a cat, or watched a viral video of a cat, knows that felines can be very territorial. By nature cats are solitary animals but also very adaptable. They can adapt to life in groups and tolerate the close proximity of other cats, even if they don’t particularly like it.

Anyone who has a sales person in their family, knows a sales person, has seen a sales person or watched a viral video of a sales person knows that they can be very territorial. By nature sales people are solitary animals but also very adaptable. They can adapt to life in groups or teams and tolerate the close proximity of other sales people, even if they don’t particularly like it.

Going forward, the words “cat” and “salesperson” can be considered interchangeable.

When cats fall out, the underlying cause is generally a dispute over range – one cat got too close to another’s territory. If one cat moves into a territory which another cat has claimed for itself, inevitably some kind of confrontation will occur. Because cats generally like to appear neat, clean, and intact, their first response will most likely be of non-physical intimidation. A lot of hissing, growling and aggressive body language can be expected. In many cases that upfront aggressive behavior is enough to end the dispute, and one cat will walk away looking for a spot of their own. The cat that stands its ground wins.

Whether you are a cat lover or not, these finicky felines can teach us a thing or two about sales.

Here are three of the top cat behaviors that can easily translate into the sales industry.

Don’t Snooze, Cat Nap

Very rarely do cats sleep so soundly that they can’t hear what’s going on around them. They can hear everything and at a moment’s notice spring into action. No matter how sleepy they are or how warm and relaxed they were, they jump up and get to the task in front of them. Whether it’s killing a spider, getting their tail grabbed by a toddler, or simply finding food, they don’t ever get too comfortable.

This characteristic is actually a survival instinct. As a sales person, your sense of survival in the industry should be based on never getting too comfortable. Always stay on top of your game by checking in with your clients and potential prospects even on the days you’d rather just zone out.

Follow Your Nose

Scent plays an essential role in cat behavior and their need for their own territory. Kittens are born deaf and blind yet, their sense of smell is fully developed. They know exactly where the source of food is and how to get it. Just as some may say you’re either a born sales person or you’re not, having an innate sense and being able to “sniff out” a sale is key. Cats can go to extremes to mark their territory and even use tactics to throw off other cats from being successful or surviving in their territory.

If You Puke, Eat It

Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. Errors big and small are how we learn lessons and keep life interesting. The best thing you can do in the sales industry is admit your mistakes. If you overcharged someone, told someone the wrong deal, or accidently missed a meeting, own up to it. Just as a cat acknowledges their hairball or meal that disagreed with their sensitive stomach by sitting over it and then licking it up before another cat does it for them, you can own up to any mess you make as well. Cats don’t harp on what they just did or worry about it happening again. They also don’t blame it on someone else. They clean it up and move on.

As a sales person you don’t have time to overanalyze or worry about what you did wrong. You learn how not to do it again or find a good place to hide and clean yourself up- just like your favorite cat.

Whether you are a cat person or not, you have to admit that their territorial behavior would make them an excellent addition to any sales team. And, they have the adorable, charming, and friendly personality that it takes to be successful.

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