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+ Challenge

International recruiting is expensive and time consuming

Encompass Health (formerly HealthSouth) is a patient-centered, innovative, inclusive and forward-thinking provider of rehabilitation services. Recruiting globally for operations across North America, Encompass Health is dedicated to delivering the best in rehabilitation services. William Poynter, National Director of Talent Acquisition at Encompass Health said, “We were looking for creative ways to expand our talent pool of qualified and highly specialized healthcare workers.” Historically, this process proved to be expensive and time consuming.

To recruit for healthcare internationally, the organization would fly a recruiting team of several key stakeholders – including a recruiter and the director of therapy – to the remote location, which cost an estimated $1500 per person, per recruiting project. “In the healthcare industry, time is critical. We needed a better way to quickly source and recruit specialists to ensure we were filling open positions quickly with the highest caliber of talent” commented Poynter.

“We used the project as an opportunity to see how much hassle and travel budget the technology could save us, and how that would impact productivity levels, without compromising quality of hire.”

National Director of Talent Acquisition at Encompass Health

+ Solution

HireVue slashes time to hire, improves productivity and candidate experience

Using the HireVue Platform, Encompass Health interviewed and quickly recruited a high-performing team of 40 physical therapists in Chile in a fraction of the time and cost as compared to its traditional recruiting methods. “This translates directly into the quality of services we deliver to our patients” explains Poynter.

Encompass Health’s hiring managers and recruiting team also report reductions in time to hire, improvements in productivity and more. In fact they were able to recruit and hire a team of more than 20 geographically dispersed individuals for a specialized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) project in a fraction of the time it would have traditionally taken. “The EMR project required individuals who could work virtually, and we needed to assemble that team in a very short period of time – there was no time to schedule and coordinate face-to-face interviews with all the candidates,” Poynter explained.

Poynter estimates that HireVue’s technology saves the company about $500-$1500 per interview in travel costs alone. And the candidate experience is improving too. “Before HireVue, candidates were at the mercy of our packed, and often changing, internal schedules. HireVue gives us the flexibility to connect with candidates sooner,” concludes Poynter.

“HireVue connects us to talent wherever they are and helps us invest our resources more wisely. With a wider talent pool, we’re able to identify the right talent for each position.”

National Director of Talent Acquisition at Encompass Health

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