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Creating Experiences…Not Selling Electronics

Working with the world’s leading electronic manufacturers and top retail organizations, ActionLink helps find the best sales associates and merchandisers to create unique retail experiences for the manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately, the consumer.

Although you may have never heard of ActionLink, it’s safe to say that you’ve encountered their team of associates at some of the country’s largest retailers. You’ve probably browsed electronics in an ActionLink-assembled display, learned about a new product or technology from an ActionLink-assisted team member or been advised by an ActionLink-trained sales associate. ActionLink is proud to offer a seamless integration into the retailer’s environment and culture, and to support and promote the manufacturer’s products.

High Fall-Out Rates, Large Candidate Pools, Rapid Growth, and Hiring Sight Unseen Impact Ability to Serve Clients

ActionLink fills thousands of positions a year primarily for sales professionals who conduct product demonstrations, and merchandising roles who set up and maintain electronic displays across a number of top retailers.

Del Tanner, COO of ActionLink, explains, “Servicing our clients with energetic, engaging and technology savvy people to support their brand is our passion. We have to ensure the people we hire to represent our client’s brand are committed to creating a positive experience for the consumer.”

ActionLink had challenges with candidates who were offered a position but “fell out” of the process before onboarding was completed. These fall-out rates were upwards of 30-35% resulting in excessive costs and the inability to meet clients' needs.

“Having candidates fall out of the process before onboarding is completed, directly impacts our business and how we service our clients,” said Tanner. “Our clients rely on our sales team to supplement their own sales force and generate more revenue. They might need our sales team to step in during a critical holiday or busy weekend and we have to have the best candidates ready to step into their workforce. Our merchandising team needs to be available to ensure our clients products are displayed, compliant and functional so they can be sold.”

ActionLink sets an expectation with their clients that the ActionLink team will blend seamlessly into the retailer’s workforce. Building a retail team with direct consumer interaction means being able to gauge professional presentation is critical.

“I once had a candidate who had a fantastic phone interview and was selected for the position based on that. Then the manager from the largest electronics store in the country called me to let me know that the employee was unacceptable and not up to their professional standards. It would have been a tremendous benefit to be able to see her ahead of time and better gauge her level of professionalism and fit for our client,” Kara Kintz, Recruiter with ActionLink, explained.

With over 2,000 positions to fill annually, and limited recruiting resources to manage the entire country, the talent acquisition team was challenged with filling these roles with the best candidates in an efficient manner.

“We had limited resources to screen the thousands of applicants we had coming in. We realized we might not be accessing our top candidates because they might have gotten lost in such a large applicant pool,” said Kintz.

Additionally, recruiting across the country led to challenges with scheduling interviews through multiple time zones.

“We’re located on the east coast and work traditional hours,” explained Kintz. “However, our clients and candidates are located across the country. Scheduling interviews and screenings for candidates on the west coast became a challenge and we realized we needed something more flexible for our recruiters and our candidates.”

Team Acceleration Software Helps Scale Business Operations

“Our introduction to HireVue came at the right time,” Tanner stated. “We were growing rapidly, our use of Skype wasn’t scalable, and we weren’t in a position to increase our recruiter headcount. Without the ability to record or share, the amount of Skype interviews we were conducting weren’t manageable.”

ActionLink explored HireVue to help transform Recruiting to a more scalable, efficient and personalized, digital process that offered convenience to the candidate, efficiency to the recruiter, ease and insight to the hiring manager, and ultimately, a better candidate for their clients.

According to Tanner, “We knew that this would be a solution that would offer tremendous benefits to the recruiters and to the hiring managers - empowering them to build incredible teams for our clients.”

Change can often bring resistance but ActionLink’s team quickly saw the value that HireVue would bring its business and client relationships.

“At first the Recruiters thought on demand interviews, recorded by a candidate anywhere, anytime, seemed impersonal, but they have realized how they can be much more personal than a phone screen. The ability to see the candidate tell their own story and explain their experiences allow the recruiters to feel more connected to the candidates right away. They love having access to a large pool of candidates that they can see and hear with a click of a button,” said Kintz.

ActionLink Goes Digital with Big Results

Fall-Out Rate Reduced More than 60% and Quality of Hire Improved

“In the time that we’ve been using HireVue, the fall-out rate has gone from an average of 30-35% down to 10-15% for some positions,” said Kintz. “HireVue has enabled us to reach far more candidates and get a full picture of who they are, truly resulting in a fully engaged, better quality of hire and these fall-out rates reflect that. Lower turnover rates translate to higher client satisfaction as well."

HireVue also gauges a candidate’s ability to interact with technology. “One of the benefits we’ve also appreciated is how HireVue acts as a natural tool for sourcing,” commented Kintz. “We need our candidates to be somewhat tech savvy and if they complete a digital interview, we know they have a basic understanding of a computer, electronics and technology.”

Internal praise for HireVue goes beyond the hiring teams. “Our executive team is fully engaged with digital recruitment,” said Tanner. “They use it to promote to our clients that we use innovative and award-winning technology to find the best candidates.”

- Del Tanner, COO, ActionLink

Team Acceleration Software Replaces Behavioral Assessments & Job Board Investments

Prior to HireVue, a behaviorial assessment was in place as part of the screening process.

“Our pre-employment assessment was quickly replaced with HireVue,” offered Kintz. “The insight we’ve gained from HireVue was is much more valuable than the assessment tool which has saved us over $70,000 a year by eliminating.”

HireVue has also allowed ActionLink to reduce or eliminate excessive costs associated with multiple job posting sites. "With HireVue, we can easily share an interview link across social channels, inviting candidates to introduce themselves to us. This helps us easily build our candidate pools and reach candidates where they often prefer to interact with businesses. We find we aren’t using as many traditional recruiting methods anymore, as HireVue has allowed us to become much more modern in the way we build our teams,” explained Kintz.

Sales Leaders Jump on Digital

Early success with merchandising positions led to the sales managers requesting HireVue for sales staff.

“HireVue won over even the most resistant of the sales team, and we’ve expanded HireVue to ALL sales positions,” Kintz commented. “The lower fallout rate and higher quality hires in the Merchandising Department convinced Sales that they had to take advantage of this solution. We’re excited about delivering even more value and efficiency to the business and our clients by expanding HireVue to all sales positions.”

Hiring Teams Love Convenience, Increased Collaboration and Demand HireVue

“Most of our hiring managers won’t even look at a candidate without viewing their HireVue interview first. They love the insight it provides,” shared Kintz. “Additionally, they appreciate how convenient it is. They wouldn’t be able to sit down and conduct 20 interviews in a day, but watching 20 digital interviews is more manageable.”

Collaboration among recruiters and business leaders has also improved at ActionLink. Julie Pinter, Senior Recruiter, added “The ability to rate a candidate, share my comments and rating with hiring managers, and view others’ comments, has been awesome. We have true collaboration with the business on why this candidate would be a good fit.”

Building customer teams 60% Faster

“We're building teams for our clients 60% faster. HireVue has drastically improved our screening time,” Kintz explained. “Candidates are moving through the interview process in an average of two days compared to five to seven days. We are thrilled with the ability to service our clients with the best candidates more quickly.”

Advice from ActionLink

“For anyone who is reluctant to try HireVue, once you try it, you will be amazed at the benefits you’ll see: quality of candidate, time savings, efficiencies improved and cost savings – just to name a few,” advised Pinter.“HireVue has drastically changed our business and given us a competitive advantage in a way that no other solution has done.”