Carnival Cruise Line Auditions Onboard Entertainers With HireVue


Hiring year-round for a very unique work environment proved to be challenging and expensive.

Carnival Cruise Line is the number one cruise operator in the world boasting 24 ships with a total passenger capacity of more than 200,000. Carnival serves passengers around the globe, dedicated to providing a memorable and fun experience to their guests. At the heart of a memorable guest experience is the onboard entertainment which wouldn’t be possible without Carnival’s talented music and entertainment staff. “Our music department has to be staffed 365 days a year. When you accept one of our talent positions, you sign on to work several months throughout the year,” explains David Brady, Casting Supervisor. “We have to find the best talent, who are prepared for life on a ship.” To find this talent, Carnival used an outside agency which was expensive, and did not allow them to really get to know the talent in advance.

“Prior to HireVue, we had a heavy reliance on agencies for sourcing, auditioning, and hiring for our talent. There was no talent pool that allowed us to be selective to find the best entertainer possible.”

Casting Supervisor, Carnival Cruise Line


Going high tech for hiring provided Carnival Cruise Line with the ability to keep the party going without missing a beat.

Carnival looks for entertainers that can both provide a memorable guest experience and develop a rapport with guests. HireVue’s on-demand video interviewing has proven to be an invaluable tool in finding the right talent. According to Brady “Now we have a full picture of who a candidate truly is as well as their musical talents.” The results speak for themselves. Carnival Cruise Line was able to cut their spend with their agency by 70%. In addition to decreased spend, Carnival is has seen a 60% increase in retention. But the icing on the cake is the ability to hire talent 80% faster. “With HireVue’s OnDemand technology we immediately saw a decrease in our screening time,” Brady explains. “From when we first receive an application to the time we make a decision is an average of 12 days; a process that could have taken months prior to HireVue.” And the candidates love it too. “We hire artists; and artists like to share and express themselves and HireVue allows them to do so in a very non-threatening way.” comments Brady.

“In just six months since implementing HireVue, our retention rate went from 25% to 41% – an increase in over 60%.”

Casting Supervisor, Carnival Cruise Line

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